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Monday, October 18, 2021

Formula 1 news: Why Aston Martin decided to stick with Vettel and Stroll for 2022

Formula 1 news: Here's why Aston Martin decided to stick with Stroll and Vettel for the 2022 Formula 1 season after a shaky 2021 season.

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With just one empty seat left on the grid for the 2022 Formula 1 season, the teams have gone full send for the development of a new regulations car. Aston Martin, Formula 1 team, who had started the development of the 2022 car a few months ago has confirmed both the drivers for 2022.

Sebastian Vettel has extended his stay for another year at Aston Martin. Lance Stroll’s retention, which was a no brainer resulted in no line-up changes at the newly renewed Aston Martin team.

Vettel who joined Aston Martin on one plus one contract from Ferrari in 2020 has already managed to find himself on the podium twice. However, one of which was taken away from the German due to fuel regulations.

Lance Stroll hasn’t quite been able to find his form this year. After a great 2020 season as Racing Point, Aston Martin haven’t quite lived up to last year’s performance. However, they are happy with the team as they move forward.

Aston Martin F1 team

What convinced Aston Martin to keep going with Sebastian Vettel?

The four-time World Champion decided to move from Maranello to Silverstone for 2021. He has been happy with the move so far and so is the management. Vettel’s move to Aston Martin is a long-term project.

Vettel, with no thoughts of retirement as of now, has been enjoying his team in the green car. He is also happy with his and his car’s performance on the race weekends. Aston Martin’s new state of the art facility, which is yet to reach its completion has given the German enough confidence to stay with the team.

Sebastian is also extremely happy with the crew at Aston Martin and vice versa. An important factor, the synergy between the team is off the charts. Vettel is also providing Aston Martin with what they want from the 34-year-old.

With a decent season so far, full of highs and lows, Sebastian Vettel will also have an option to stay in 2023. The new regulations could be the turning point for Aston Martin in terms of the results as the team continues to get better every day.

Formula 1 news: Why the team decided to retain Lance Stroll?

This decision was a no brainer. Lance Stroll has proved himself last season as the 23-year-old finished on the podium twice. Lawrence Stroll has enough faith in his son’s racing abilities that he has done all he can to make his son’s World Championship dreams come true.

Vettel’s addition to the team has been a great move for Stroll. The 22-year-old Canadian has the opportunity to learn from one of the best drivers on the grid. Lance has shut down the “paid drivers” comments as he has proved that he is capable enough.

He, however, needs to bring in more consistency in order to keep the good results flowing in. The 22-year-old has at least a decade left of Formula 1 driving in him if all goes to plan for the father-son duo.

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Lawrence Stroll, a businessman at heart has established his seriousness. He expects Aston Martin to fight for the championship in the next three to five years. This time cap will provide Lance enough time to perfect his racecraft in order to find himself on the podium regularly in future.

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