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Monday, October 18, 2021

Formula 1 News: Valtteri Bottas’ new PU from Monza already in the bin?

Formula 1 News: Valtteri Bottas' engine from the Italian Grand Prix is already unusable after Mercedes finds issues with the unit.

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Formula 1 news: As per the latest F1 news, Valtteri Bottas’ new Mercedes engine is already unusable. If the reports are true, Bottas has already lost his fourth PU after the team discovered problems at Brixworth.

At the Italian GP, Valtteri had a new PU, meaning he had to start from the back.

In Russia, the engine was now found trash meaning another penalty as the fifth PU of the season was introduced.

Some might argue it was brought to block Max Verstappen’s progress as he also took a new PU, but it wasn’t.

Formula 1 news: Trouble in paradise for Mercedes?

When the engine itself was taken to Brixworth, it was noted that the issue is with the ICE itself. To make matters worse, in Turkey, Lewis Hamilton took a brand-new ICE.

In Turkey, after the qualifying, Mercedes Team Boss Toto Wolff shared his view on the “issues” –

When you start to push the boundaries with power unit performance at a certain stage you will experience some obstacles. Our engines have been the benchmark since 2014, and because they are being pushed, we have seen examples of unusual noises.” said the Mercedes boss.

What does this mean for other Mercedes-powered teams?

Mercedes has been raking in success ever since 2014, but it has all gone in favour of Honda now.

In February, Mercedes’ engine chief, Hywel Thomas, mentioned that the team is facing “some issues” on the engine side.

Williams already gave Latifi a new engine, with McLaren too, opting for a fresh PU for Daniel in Turkey.

Aston Martin is yet to confirm an engine change, but it is looking likely that it will happen soon.

Is the future looking bright for Mercedes?

As far as the engine regs go, the development will be frozen after 2022, meaning until 2026, the PUs the teams develop throughout next season, will stay the same.

Toto remains confident though, saying that the reliability issues will all be rectified going into next year.

We will not be carrying any deficits into next year because they are being understood and now it’s about finding solutions.”

We already know the amount of progress Honda has made this year to be at par and at times, even ahead of Mercedes.

As for now, Hamilton has PU3 alongside the fourth ICE introduced in Turkey, and a much older unit, too.

The team would be hoping that all goes according to plan and it is not a repeat of Malaysia 2016 if you know what I mean. That’s the last thing anybody would want right now.

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Only time will tell how the future looks, but for now, one can only hope that Lewis’ engine runs smoothly as we wouldn’t want a Formula 1 championship to be decided on penalties, right?


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