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Monday, October 18, 2021

Formula 1 news: Plans to introduce a Grand Slam title to attract more viewers

Formula 1 news: F1 is planning to introduce a third title to attract younger viewers along with some other plans for the future.

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Formula 1 news: F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has been looking to announce a third championship in a season soon. Currently, a Formula 1 season ends with two title winners i.e. Drivers’ Champion and Constructors’ Champion.

There, however, have been plans to introduce a third title to make the season more interesting and attractive for younger viewers. F1 has been experimenting as they have made a lot of changes to the sport in 2021.

Free Practice sessions on Friday and Saturday have been cut short to 60 minutes instead of 90. Sprint Qualifying was introduced for the first time in Silverstone. The 100km race to decide positions on the grid on Sunday will be taking place in 5 races this season.

The shorter race on Saturday has sat well with fans as they hope that the format stays for the upcoming seasons. All these steps were taken by Formula 1 to spark an interest in the younger generations.

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How the ‘Grand Slam’ title will be awarded?

Domenicali announced that they are planning to use the Sprint Format in as many as 7 races for the 2022 season. They are also planning on adding another title, which will be factoring in the Sprint race performance.

The driver who wins the Sprint Race title and the Championship will be awarded the ‘Grand Slam’, according to Stefano. This is done to spike interest in an upcoming wave of new viewers and potential fans.

Formula 1 is one of the fastest-growing sports on the planet. As a result, the FIA wants to keep the momentum going and make tweaks to the sport so as to bring in more heads.

Sprint Race format, however, is not possible in all the tracks, Monaco being the first example. The street circuit with a narrow track and sharp turns does not have much room for overtaking and high-intensity racing.

What other changes is Formula 1 planning to make in the coming years?

However, Formula 1 will be keeping the format as there are many opportunities on other tracks. Formula 1 is also keen on expanding the calendar as they will likely be keeping 23 races for 2022.

F1 has also been looking at making some geographical changes so as to spark some interest among the regional viewers. They have been in talks with South and North Africa for one or two races.

Formula 1 is also planning on scheduling one or two races in the Far East, for instance, Korea. The current plan is to have one-third of the races in Europe and the rest around the world.

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Despite being one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, Germany will not have any Formula 1 races in 2022 according to Domenicali. He also confirmed that the 2022 season opener will be Bahrain Grand Prix.


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