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Monday, October 18, 2021

Formula 1 news: Mercedes looking to avoid Hamilton vs Rosberg rift with Russell

Formula 1 news: Mercedes will be calibrating George Russell the right way, in order to avoid another Hamilton v Rosberg situation.

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Formula 1 news: George Russell’s move to the Mercedes Formula 1 team has been the talk of the paddock for a while. It is one of the most anticipated transfers of the hybrid era. As a result, there’s an element of pressure to it for the Silver Arrows team as well.

Toto Wolff’s Mercedes will be looking to avoid another Hamilton – Rosberg situation with George’s arrival. The rivalry, which ended with one driver retiring is something Mercedes does not wish to have on its hands as of now.

Hamilton and Rosberg’s inspiring friendship took a turn for the worse when Lewis decided to move to Mercedes in 2013. As Mercedes found its winning ways in the Turbo-Hybrid era, the friendship turned sour.

The rivalry was at its peak in 2016, when Rosberg won the Drivers’ Championship. With numerous incidents of coming together on and off the track, the Silver Arrows will be doing their best to avoid the same.

Lewis Hamilton and george Russell

Formula 1 news: Mercedes will be ‘calibrating’ Russell the right way for his pair up with Lewis Hamilton.

The 2022 Formula 1 season will be George Russell’s first real shot at the Drivers’ Championship. Russell will be eager to prove himself worthy of the seat. The 23-year-old will not be shying away from a few nudges in order to prove his worth.

This could result in situations with teams like Red Bull and McLaren capitalising on the misfortunes. Mercedes are looking to help him adjust in a way so that this situation is avoided. “You need to calibrate him in the right way,” said Toto Wolff.

Mercedes now are more equipped to deal with the situation as they have the 2016 experience to rely on. They will be hoping to avoid the mistakes of that season, which ended in the retirement of one of the best drivers on the grid.

Wolff has also assured that he will not be squashing Russell’s dreams of a Championship title. They will be helping Russell achieve the success he deserves by finding the right synergy with the current World Champion, a fellow Briton Lewis Hamilton.

The move could turn to be an success if Silver Arrows are able to execute the transition flawlessly

The pressure from Russell could also turn out to be a push in the right direction. if both Brits go wheel to wheel, they will be pushing each other. As a result, the performance could see an improvement from both the drivers.

As the new era of Formula 1 finds its way, it will be interesting to see the dynamic between the Mercedes duo. The new regulations will be impacting the whole grid as Formula 1 and FIA hope to make the competition closer.

George’s future now lies in the Silver Arrows’ hands as it could make or break the 23-year-old’s career. A lot of potential moves have resulted in failure if the transition is not executed the right way, for instance, Leclerc and Vettel.

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The pair up will be one to watch for however if executed properly. George Russell has found his points earning form this season with Williams, one of the slowest cars on the grid. He could be one to watch for in one of the fastest cars on the grid.


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