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Monday, October 18, 2021

Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton was whining over Mercedes’ strange decisions after Turkish GP

Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton was spotted whining after the race over Mercedes' decision to pit him during the Turkish GP race.

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Formula 1 news: Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton were in a labyrinth while deciding over what to do with the tyres during the Turkish GP. Mercedes wanted to change it in the second part of the race, but Hamilton wanted to stick out.

In the end, Mercedes used its discretion and forced Hamilton to box, with which the Briton was not happy. In the final laps of the race, when he knew he was P5, he was raged with anger and told his team that they should have gone with his instinct.

However, Pirelli doesn’t think Hamilton wouldn’t have finished the race with those tyres. But the 36-year-old driver got a boost to his claim after he heard Esteban Ocon completed the race without a pitstop. Though, according to the Frenchman, he was on the verge of a DNF.

Amidst this, Dutch F1 commentator Allard Kalff believes that the most worrying thing about the saga is Hamilton’s continued whining even after the race. “As far as I’m concerned he was whining after the race“, said Kalff to RTL GP Slipstream.

Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton was whining after race over Mercedes’ decisions

Why did you come in? Because the team said it and we all do it. Of course they did, but the fact is they didn’t do a good job.” Kalff added: “They call him in, then he decides not to come in. Actually at that point you just have to decide, finish the race on this set of tyres. Because the time to come in is over. Eventually the team says, you have to come in because we don’t trust it.”

Formula 1 news: Was Lewis Hamilton within the limit?

Though Hamilton has been criticized for his callous treatment of his race engineer Peter Bonnington. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff came first for the seven-time world champion’s rescue. According to him, Hamilton is constantly under tremendous pressure of 320 km/h speed.

At that speed, the stakes are always high, so he said his team has tough skin to tolerate such words from Hamilton. Meanwhile, the 36-year-old racing star criticized the media for blowing his radio messages out of proportion.

On Monday, a section of F1 fans took a train to the memory lane, posting a video of Sebastian Vettel’s from 2018. In it, the former Ferrari driver was seen defending his arch-rival Hamilton over some harsh radio messages.

Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton was whining after race over Mercedes’ decisions

Vettel reminded the journalist, who asked the question, about the adrenaline involved at such high speed. He compares the situation with any footballer spilling abuses after receiving a tackle from behind.

Formula 1 news: Stiff competition ahead as season nears grandstand finish

Anyway, Hamilton was later seen in the celebrations for Valtteri Bottas’ win with Mercedes, burying all the earlier differences with his team. Hamilton is still in the championship contention and would seek a lead back in the table in the remaining races.

The title fight is getting more intense with every passing race. In the remaining six races, the difference between the two drivers has only been six points. Ironically, the shrinking of points differences has been evolving in the latter part of the season. According to the figures, no one has led this title fight by more than 8 points since Silverstone.

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So, it is highly apparent that the championship race will go until the end of the wire. F1’s expedition in Europe is over with the race in Turkey. Now, the F1 contingent will travel to the American continents before heading to the middle-east for the final races.

Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton was whining after race over Mercedes’ decisions


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