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Monday, October 18, 2021

Formula 1: Is Max Verstappen ruining his title battle with Lewis Hamilton?

Formula 1: Max Verstappen has been actively ruining his title hopes as he makes aggressive mistakes that cost him during the race and more.

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Red Bull decided to put all their eggs in one basket when the team decided to focus on making Max Verstappen the youngest Formula 1 World Champion. However, the 23-year-old is yet to succeed in his quest for a title.

In his 7th season in Formula 1, Max Verstappen is closer than ever to a Drivers’ Championship title. Currently leading the title fight with 5 points, Verstappen in his Red Bull has looked better than ever.

There is no doubt about the Dutchman’s skills and his ability to make his car fly throughout the weekend. However, there are some factors that are proving to be a hurdle in what could have been an easy run to first place.

Throughout the season, Lewis and Verstappen have been wheel to wheel on numerous occasions. However, Lewis has backed out of most of them, but Verstappen has had to pay the price for most of them.

Max Verstappen at Styrian Grand Prix

Red Bull are closest to a World Championship than they have been since 2016

The 2021 Formula 1 season is the closest Red Bull have gotten to a Championship since 2013. They have won 8 out of the 14 races this season with winning 7 out of those 8. Lewis Hamilton despite winning just 4 races, is still closing in on Verstappen’s lead.

Verstappen’s season has been a roller coaster. He was handed the win at Belgium on a plate, but half the points were snatched due to regulations. He was forced to retire in the last 3 out of 5 races due to collisions with other drivers.

Verstappen needs to control his temperament as he is known as one of the most aggressive drivers on the grid. As a result, Max shows no willingness to back off. Dutchman has been forced to pay the price for that.

What could have been a cruising season with slight hiccups here and there, is now an open battle between the two contenders. Toto Wolff, before the British Grand Prix, said that they are in contention and will grab the championship if Verstappen retires in one race. Since the statement, Max has outdone Wolff’s expectations as he was forced to DNF three times.

Max Verstappen needs to ease on the accelerator to prevent collisions on the track

The Red Bull car is currently the fastest on the grid. They still have the upper hand when it comes to the Drivers’ Championship. The Constructors’ Championship is another story, however. Despite having the lead in the Constructors’ championship, they failed to capitalise on it as Valtteri Bottas continues to find his form in his last few days at Silver Arrows.

Sergio Perez has shown promise but as a Red Bull driver and as Max’s teammate. However, he is yet to make full use of the fastest car on the grid. Perez currently sits 5th in the Drivers’ Standings with just 1 win and 1 podium in his bag.

Verstappen’s problems haven’t ended yet, however. He will be facing a three-place grid penalty at Sochi for his collision with Lewis Hamilton at Monza. He will also be facing an engine penalty as he will need a fourth power unit due to his collisions throughout the season.

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This impulsive aggressive driving has been a problem for Max and might still cause him a lot of issues as the season reaches its conclusion. It can not be predicted, as to who will end up the champion. However, if the trend continues, Verstappen himself might end up ruining his title chances.


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