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Former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush announces retirement

Former WWE star Lio Rush has announced his retirement from professional wrestling. The news comes as a shock to fans. Since his AEW debut, it seemed Rush was just getting started and had his way back to the top.

Many people do not believe pro wrestling is real. Though, just like in any other sport, wrestlers put their bodies on the line to give fans a memorable time. Though injuries are a part of every sport, some can be career-threatening. One such sportsman who’s suffered such an injury is Lio Rush.

Rush announced his retirement on the social media site Instagram. He stated that his reason for retiring was due to a shoulder injury he sustained during his AEW debut in the Casino Battle Royale at Double Or Nothing.

Lio Rush announces retirement

What happened to Lio Rush?

The pro wrestler’s career was on the rise. AEW President Tony Khan had claimed there was a “handshake deal” in place between all parties before Rush’s appearance debut in the Battle Royale. Rush was already under contract with NJPW. One could say only 26, he was in the golden years of his career.

Rush signed for WWE in August of 2017 after a highly rated stint independently. Initially, he showcased his potential on NXT. He initially worked at NXT but was soon moved to the Cruiserweight division. He was then moved to the main roster and was with Bobby Lashley but their relationship turned sour.

LioRush then returned to NXT and had a run as Cruiserweight champion, but in April of 2020, he was released from his WWE contract due to budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Since the injury, it’s given me some time to think. Think about what I want in life. What I want for my wife and my kids, and what’s going to make me happy as far as my mental health is concerned.”

“The timing of this injury has forced me to stop and re-evaluate, and ultimately it’s resulted in me deciding to retire from professional wrestling…”

Lio rush announced his retirement due to an AC(Acromioclavicular) joint separation injury to his shoulder. This type of injury occurs when the person’s clavicle separates from the Scapula. Commonly caused by a direct fall on the ‘point’ of the shoulder or a direct blow received in a contact sport. This injury is said to be very frequent among physically active people.

Farewell Lio Rush?

Lio rush retirement

With the wrestler making a public announcement about his retirement, it seems it’s going to happen. But this isn’t Rush’s first retirement from wrestling. He previously announced his retirement from pro-wrestling last year after getting released by WWE. The fans will be hoping it’s another one of those moments and opts to take back his retirement.

Don’t worry fans, Rush will be back, due to contractual obligations with NJPW, he will be making his final appearance once he’s healed. We hope he recovers from his injury quickly.


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