Former Manchester United star believes Jose Mourinho Is Taking a Gamble on Staff

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has stated that he will not need to replace his assistant Rui Faria and Mike Phelan believes that the Portuguese boss is taking a massive risk.

Earlier this week Mourinho’s number two man Rui Faria announced in a statement that he will be leaving the club at the end of this campaign. The Portuguese duo spent over 17 years working together but Mourinho has insisted that he would not require a replacement for his national compatriot Faria at Manchester United next season.

Rui Faria

The ‘Special One’ has decided to restructure his backroom staff in order to progress for next season and will not require an extra man for the job. However, Mike Phelan, who spent five years as an assistant manager to the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, mentioned that the 55-year-old could be taking a massive risk regarding his helpers.

Mourinho Needs More A Solid Number Two – Phelan

The 55-year-old Englishman was asked by Premier League Daily whether or not Jose will miss an assistant like Faria, to which Phelan replied, “That’s a good question. Everybody who is involved at Manchester United will know the pressures that come their way.”

There were earlier rumors that Michael Carrick could possibly step into management after his retirement from playing football and Phelan added, “He will need somebody to run things by now and again. He talked about Michael Carrick; he will probably sit in between roles and learn his trade a little bit.”

Phelan explained that Mourinho is taking a gamble by opting not to have a number two man at the club as it’s important to have essential knowledge of the game, “It’s a gamble for him – he’s saying he hasn’t got anybody in that group already to replace Faria, whether he goes looking outside who knows? But it is a difficult role; you need somebody to talk to because you can’t bounce things off people if they’re not there.”

Faria will leave the club after the FA Cup final against Chelsea. There are also reports of the 42-year-old taking up a managers job at either Arsenal or Chelsea

Author’s Take-

Mourinho is taking some big calls and Manchester United but the fans and board seem to be a bit worried about the arrogance and ignorance of the Special One. Not wanting to replace a man who has helped you for 17 years is a massive gamble and United will hope that Mourinho’s new number two is equally as good as Faria.

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