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Former Manchester United man delivers his verdict on Ole’s regime

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United project has seemed to have stalled after a string of questionable results and performances just two months into the new season.

New-season but the same old story unfolds at The Theatre of Dreams. Manchester United have failed to make a telling impact on the league yet again. After an impressive opening day result against fellow top 6 rivals, Chelsea, things have gone south for Solskjaer and his men. The Red Devils sit just two points above the relegation zone having played eight games. Throwing shades of Mourinho’s last season at the helm, Solskjaer’s time might be running out. Here is what one of the club’s former employers had to say regarding the managerial situation at the club.

“Stick with Ole…for now”

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich has had his say on Solskjaer’s tenure. “They’re not winning football games and you have to say, at the moment, they’re not playing particularly good football,” the Australian goalkeeper told Omnisport.

Manchester United
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“We’ve spoken before about the big gap that was going to be there when Sir Alex Ferguson left and we understand that. But there’s been three managers now, Ole’s the fourth manager. I can understand everybody’s impatience but they’re going to have to gather patience.

“If things continue how they’re going they may be left with no choice, but I don’t think they’re at that stage at the moment. I would stick. I’m biased, I must admit that because I’m an ex-team-mate of his. He was not only a world-class player but a world-class person and I would stick with him.”

“To be honest, if you look at the availability around the world, it’s not as if a Jurgen Klopp or a Pep Guardiola is free and available. Stick with him. However, there is a cut-off point. I said this with Jose Mourinho. If in another 20 games, 28 games into the season, if he’s third from bottom they may be left with no choice.”

Recruitment is the problem

Bosnich has stressed that all United managers post the Ferguson-era have been held back due to poor recruitment. “Let’s be real frank, the recruitment has been poor over the past three or four years,” he said.“Regardless of what the personal situation was, it was a mistake to let Lukaku go without having a ready-made replacement to come in. Especially at that stage of the season.”

Manchester United
A scattergun approach in bringing in players hasn’t helped the situation the club finds itself in.
Photo: Manchester Evening News

However, he has urged the likes of Martial and Rashford to grab this opportunity and prove their worth to the club and the fans. “They didn’t [sign a replacement for Lukaku] and now Martial, Rashford and all of them have to find their spirit, find their soul and fight back,” Bosnich added.

“There’s no use just sort of turning up at training, doing your job, going to the game, hiding, hoping that you don’t get any criticism and picking up your wages. That doesn’t work at a club like Manchester United.”

Author’s Take

Mark Bosinch has made some valid points here. The recruitment during the last few seasons has been really questionable in case of a manager or a player. There has been no structure and a vision the club is working towards. A string of short term targets has muddled the big picture. Its high time the men in charge of the club step their game up or start packing their bags.

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