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Former Liverpool star reveals why he chose to join Manchester United

The player joined Manchester United in 2009 which disappointed many Liverpool fans.

Former English International Michael Owen has revealed that he chose to join Manchester United in 2009 because it was the best option at that time and is ‘not ashamed of what’ he did. The player, speaking to Press Association [via the Mirror], also said injuries led to his decline.

“I was at my very best at 17, 18, 19 and then at 21, 22 I was still right up there but on the decline,” the player opined.

The 39-year-old had an illustrious football career, playing for behemoths including Liverpool, Manchester United and Real Madrid. During his tenure at Liverpool, the former striker won the prestigious Ballon d’Or in 2001. He was also prolific for the England National Football Team, scoring 40 times for ‘The Three Lions’.

A product of the Liverpool academy, Michael Owen had spent eight years at Anfield before departing for the Spanish side Real Madrid. He spent a year there in the Spanish capital before making a return to England to join Newcastle United.

The player would go on to sign for Manchester United in 2009 and spend three seasons there, a move that left many Liverpool supporters disappointed.

” I’m really pleased I played for Real Madrid, it was an opportunity to try something different, it was the Holy Grail in many ways to go and play for Barcelona or Real Madrid. Following that, I wished things had been different and I had come back to Liverpool and lived happily ever after,” Owen told the Press Association.

” But I would still sign for Man United because that was the best option at the time. I’m not ashamed of what I did despite people wanting me to be ashamed,” Owen said, explaining why he chose to join Manchester United.

“It was never my dream to play for Stoke, Man United or Newcastle but that’s where my career took me,” the player told the Press Association.

Author’s Take

As he points out, injuries did have an effect on his career. When it came to moving to Manchester United, he might have considered taking a step forward after playing for Newcastle United.

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