Sunday, April 18, 2021

Former Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu arrested over ‘scandal’

The internal politics is still unsolved in Catalonian giants FC Barcelona. Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned from his presidency in October after the controversial incidents regarding Lionel Messi’s transfer. Also, the decline in the performance of the team added fuel to the fire.

The Champions League humiliation against Champions FC Bayern Munich triggered a series of conflicts within the club. But the recent arrest of the club officials is the aftermath of the ‘Barcagate Scandal’.

The scandal got the attention after a fan group filed a complaint against Barcelona head Josep Maria Bartomeu and his officials. As per the complaint, Barcelona linked with a company named ’13 Ventures’ for social media promotion and monitoring.

Also, the complaint pointed out the hidden agenda of Bartomeu to improve his image to face the upcoming election. That included defaming some of the club icons like Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique and Xavi. (Goal)

Josep Bartomeu struggling at Barcelona

Josep Maria Bartomeu took charge as the president of the club in 2014 as the 40th president of Barcelona. His reign was quite comfortable for the Catalonian side. But, the continuous exit of the team from the Champions League created disgrace among players.

Also, some of the transfers and financial dealings from Bartomeu didn’t get approval from the superstars of the club. The voice of rebellion arose in the team camp and the statement from Lionel Messi after the Champions League exit this season resulted in an explosion.

The Dramatic climax:

The incidents that happened in the club office on Monday night were the climax of the dramatic scenes happening for months in Catalonia. The new presidential election is scheduled to happen on coming Sunday and the arrest of Bartomeu would affect the politics of the club prior to the election.

Barcelona’s current chief executive Oscar Grau, head of legal services Roma Gomez Ponti, and Bartomeu’s advisor Jaume Masferrer were also arrested by Catalan police along with the former president. This happened after a detailed search in the club’s office on Monday morning.

“FC Barcelona have offered up their full collaboration to the legal and police authorities to help make clear facts which are subject to investigation. “The information and documentation requested by the judicial police force relate strictly to the facts relative to this case”, the club conveyed through their statement. (Firstpost)

The successor of Bartomeu?

There are three candidates for the presidential election that will happen on Sunday. Joan Laporta, Toni Freixa, and Victor Font are the final three. Candidates made use of the latest incidents regarding the arrest of Bartomeu for their campaign.

The leadership change in Barcelona would solve the internal problems of the team to some extend. Also, the future of Lionel Messi in Catalonia is ambiguous. Solving this would be the first preference for the new leadership.

Although, Barcelona are fighting hard in the competitions to claim a title. The arrival of Ronald Koeman is yet to win hearts from the fans. The curse in the European stage should be solved to maintain a state of harmony in Catalonia. Also, the Sunday election would take place in the mood of extreme pessimism.


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