Former Barca president reveals they were close to pair Messi and Ronaldo

VIDEO: How Ronaldo and Messi would link up together?

Messi and Ronaldo have dominated this era of football with their charisma and leadership, and their tally of records unmatched

Generations of football have given us legends of each era of the game. In the years of this beautiful game, no one has ruled over the football world like the duo of Cristiano and Messi. The two stars share 11 Balon Dors between them and plenty of trophies to their name.

Their rivalry during Cristiano’s time in Spain is well regarded. The rivalry is healthy as both respect each other. Leo in an interview stated that he misses Ronaldo in Spain and the league would become more competitive because of him. Similarly, Ronaldo voiced his opinion on how both of them have featured on the same stage as the best in the world for the last 15 years.

Messi and Cristiano

It is hard to ever find such dominating duo and masters of the game. Leo and Cristiano are very consistent over the past years. The competitiveness is so good that with every match the tally differs and the records are broken.

Most amazingly it is astonishing to see that they have maintained their form even though they are in their 30s. This is the age when most of the footballers hang up their boots for good.

Every football fan’s dream is to watch Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi pair up together. Their combination will surely prove deadly with Leo’s playmaking traits and Ronaldo’s finishing abilities. The Barcelona number 10’s natural talent would fit well with the Cristiano’s robustness. The best defensive lines in the world tremble when they face this duo of agility and aggression.

WATCH: The Compilation of Messi and Ronaldo if they played together

The synchronization of Messi’s vision and Ronaldo’s pace will run defenders into their nightmare. The video compilation just shows how both would a perfect match for each other linking the play.

There is a rare chance to spot both of them playing for a common side. It is so because Messi revealed that he will go on to place in his native Argentina if he ever leaves Barcelona. Also, Ronaldo is currently playing in the Serie A and is very unlikely to join the Catalunya outfit by any means.

But history tells us there was a bleak chance when Barcelona almost signed Cristiano. Former club president Joan Laporta admitted they bid 17 million euros for Ronaldo when he was 18 years old.

In an interview with the AS, Laporta explained how his administration took charge of the club in the reconstruction phase. They had already signed Ronaldinho, Marquez, and Quaresma then. Ronaldo’s agent proposed his name to the Barcelona president but the deal went on United’s favor.

Had the deal gone through, we could have seen both the phenomenal players on the same side. The tale of Messi and Ronaldo will stay immortal forever with the class both showed on the pitch.

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