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Former Bangladesh U-19 cricketer Sozib commits suicide at home

Cricketers are human beings just like ordinary people. If they don’t perform well, it is not right to hurl abuses at them. In today’s world, hurling abuses or cursing cricketers is common.

At times, some people go beyond any extent to drag cricketers’ families by cursing them. Recently, Ben Stokes shared about a fans’ abuse of his family. Some cricketers faced racist remarks as well.

With the advent of social media, fans are misusing the platform by hurting cricketers’ feelings. Some cricketers are suffering from bouts of mental illness and depression nowadays.

Earlier, Australia all-rounder Glenn Maxwell took a break from the sport due to mental health issues. Cricket Australia supported the cricketer by giving him the much-needed break.

Former Bangladesh U-19 cricketer Sozib commits suicide at home

Sozib commits suicide

Former Bangladesh under 19 cricketer Mohammad Sozib drew his last breath at his residence as he committed suicide on Saturday in Durgapur. Sozib’s death by suicide is heart-wrenching news to his family and the entire cricket fraternity.

Abu Enam Mohammad who works as BCB game development manager gave an emotional speech after Sozib passed away. The young cricketer was part of the team’s U-19’s 2018 batch. In fact, he was a standby in the World Cup tournament.

The cricketer played against Sri Lanka and in the Asia Cup tournament. Bangladesh Cricket Board’s game development manager expressed deepest condolences while speaking about the young cricketer.

Former Bangladesh U-19 cricketer Sozib commits suicide at home

Sozib hasn’t been a regular feature in the game in the past couple of years. He was only playing first division and Dhaka Premier League. The cricketer last played a game in Rajshahi day before committing suicide.

“Sozib was part of our U-19’s 2018 batch with Saif and Afif (Hossain). He was a standby in the World Cup. He played against Sri Lanka as well as in the Asia Cup. It’s really sad to hear this,” Abu Enam Mohammad told BDcrictime.

“It’s tough to say whether it’s from depression or anything else. Sozib hasn’t been regular in cricket in the past few years. He became too much Rajshahi centric. He played just first division and (Dhaka) Premier League in Dhaka,” he said.

“Sozib wasn’t even in the Bangabandhu T20 draft. I don’t know if there is anything to be frustrated. He even played a match in Rajshahi day before yesterday,” Abu Enam told BDcrictime.

Khalel Mahmud reacts to cricketer’s death

BCB director Khaled Mahmud, the head coach of Bangla Trac Academy in Rajshahi, expressed sadness over the cricketer’s demise. “I can’t believe what I heard. I am feeling extremely sad hearing the news. Sozib was an opening batsman. He bowled medium-pacer. He played for Shinepukur Cricket Club,” Mahmud was quoted as saying by Kaler Kantho.


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