Thursday, May 6, 2021

Former Australian spinner kidnapped and released


There have been countless incidents that happen behind the scenes as far as cricket is concerned. Be it fixing games, corruption, breaching the code of conduct and so on.

No matter what happens behind the scenes, the ICC Anti Corruption Unit is there to trace out the wrongdoers and give them the best possible punishment.

Meanwhile, the cricketers who play against the spirit of the game have been banned from all forms of cricket for a certain period. Case in point, ‘kidnapping a current or former cricketer’ is not something fans or everyone would want to hear.

The former Australian cricketer Stuart MacGill went through an ordeal when he was kidnapped by four strangers. However, the former cricketer was later released.

Former Australian spinner kidnapped and released

The shocking incident happened in Sydney, last month. There is no doubt that MacGill had a good financial position. The former spinner suffered wounds in this accident but preferred not to go for medical care.

For the unversed, Stuart MacGill was a Test cricketer who represented Australia between 1990 to 2008. It is worth mentioning here that, he was one of the top bowlers of his time. But, he was in the shadow of legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne.

Cops arrest 4 people who kidnapped MacGill

New South Wales police initiated an investigation soon after the shocking incident. It did take then 2 weeks to figure out the culprits behind this crime. They arrested four strangers on April 14 after raids conducted all across Sydney.

The culprits were aged 27, 29, 42, and 46. These four men were the ones who kidnapped MacGill last month. It all started when two unknown people and the group forcefully kidnapped MacGill into the car.

The victim was driven to some random area on the outskirts of the city. The notorious gang beat the former cricketer and then threatened him at gunpoint. After an hour-long terrible ordeal, the four accused drove to Southwest of Belmore and then released MacGill.

Meanwhile, New South Wales police added that there is no money given to the culprits. Needless to say, the kidnapping was motivated financially.

What is Stuart MacGill doing?

“To be standing on a street, to be dragged into a car, driven a remote location, physically assaulted, threatened with a firearm, held for a period of time, and then dumped, I think you would be pretty worried. I know it is only an hour that he was held, but it would have been a horribly frightful hour to endure through,” said New South Wales detective Anthony Holton.

Stuart MacGill retired from international cricket in the year 2008. He recently plies his trade as a General Manager in a restaurant in Sydney. However, MacGill didn’t disclose any information about the incident publicly.


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