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Monday, October 18, 2021

Football news: Thibaut Courtois lashes out at FIFA and UEFA over prioritizing revenue

Football news: Thibaut Courtois lashed out at FIFA and UEFA for prioritising revenue and not thinking about the players' welfare.

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Football News: Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois expressed his concerns and lashed out at FIFA and UEFA for their strategy to maximize revenue. Courtois mentioned this after playing in Belgium’s 2-1 defeat to Italy in the Nations League on Sunday.

Courtois described the third-place playoff as “pointless” before the match and further vented out his frustration after the match too. The Belgium goalkeeper pointed out that players are vulnerable to injuries due to the relentless schedule.

“This game is just a money game and we have to be honest about it,” the Real Madrid goalkeeper said to BBC. “We just play it because for UEFA it’s extra money and an extra game on TV.

Moreover, he added “It’s a good game for us because it’s against Italy and for Italy, it’s a good game because it’s against Belgium. Courtois claims if it was a final the squads would have been different.

Thibaut Courtois lashes out at Fifa and Uefa over prioritising revenue
Thibaut Courtois lashes out at Fifa and Uefa over prioritising revenue

Thibaut Courtois moulded his distress of having a tightly packed schedule by saying “In June again, [there are] four Nations League games. Why?”.

Football news: The rising backlash against UEFA and FIFA

Courtois isn’t the only one who expressed the rising toxicity in Football. Liverpool’s boss Jurgen Klopp also blasted out at FIFA and UEFA for a biennial World Cup. The organisation is led by the former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Jurgen Klopp exclaimed, “There is no other sport in the world with such a relentless calendar. No physical sport. At one point somebody has to start understanding that without the players – the most important ingredients of this wonderful game – we cannot play it.”

Thibaut Courtois lashes out at Fifa and Uefa over prioritising revenue
Thibaut Courtois lashes out at Fifa and Uefa over prioritising revenue

UEFA stood its ground against FIFA decision to hold a World Cup every two years rather than four. Thibaut, expanding on Klopp’s concerns, made it clear that UEFA was a hypocrite for creating a third-tier club competition. Courtois critiqued the Europa Conference League and didn’t spare dozen of clubs including his own Real Madrid.

The fellow clubs attempted to form a breakaway European Super League this year in May. It faced tremendous opposition from football lovers all over the globe.

Football news: Rationality of Courtois’ outrage

Thibaut Courtois mentioned that “Next year we have a World Cup in November. We will play till the latter part of June which makes us more vulnerable to injuries but nobody cares about the players.

Three weeks of holidays are not enough for players to recover and stay consistent. If we never say anything it will always be the same” he added. UEFA was against the Super League but came out with an alternative league ‘The Europa Conference League’.

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Thibaut stated some facts recalling that UEFA and FIFA don’t care about the players, they only care about their pockets. They want to have European Championship and World Cup every year. When will the players get rest, ‘We are not Robots’. There’s always a high risk of injury for players who face prolonged exposure to such heinous playing schedules.


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