Thursday, May 6, 2021

Ferguson responds to Man United’s European Super League involvement


The football world was taken by storm when it was announced officially yesterday that 12 big clubs across Europe had signed letters intending to join the Super League. Out of the 12 clubs, 6 belong to the Premier League, of which Manchester United are also a part. Sir Alex Ferguson started his view regarding the competition.

The European Super League speculation had started way back in 1998. As this idea got further investigation, it failed after UEFA decided to expand the Champions League. For the past 2 decades, the league has been trying its best to be formed, only to fail repeatedly. However, on 18th April 2021, the Super League was officially announced by the founding clubs.

But, the declaration of the League generated an adverse reaction from every people who know football. The UEFA, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and the Football Associations from where the founding clubs belong have shown a similar reception to the news.

They have issued a joint statement mentioning that they will do their best to prevent this League from happening. They have also stated serious punishments to the clubs as well as the players. Any clubs involved in the above will be banned from participating in the Domestic, European, and World Competitions. And for players involved, they could be banned from representing their nations.

The 12 founding members are Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan.

This League will consist of 20 teams, out of which, 15 will remain permanent participants. PSG and Bayern Munich have reportedly turned down the invitation to join the Super League.

Sir Alex Ferguson is not a fan of the European Super League:

The main motive for these clubs to make this move is money. After the pandemic, each and every club have suffered financially. However, the big clubs got affected the most given the ratio of their savings to expenditures. By joining this League, they will be getting enormous money. The founding members are expected to receive a whooping €10 billion in uncapped solidarity payment during the initial period.

Along with that, they will also be given €3.5 billion for infrastructure development and to cover the losses caused during the pandemic. American investment banking, JP Morgan Chase & Co. is reported to be the major fundraiser for the Super League with €5 billion pledged by them.

Sir Alex Ferguson was one unhappy person among the millions of them. Sir Alex said that the Super League proposal will undo the 70 years history of European football. It will also affect how the League matches will be played.

“Talk of a Super League is a move away from 70 years of European club football. Both as a player for a provincial team Dunfermline in the 60s and as a manager at Aberdeen winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup, for a small provincial club in Scotland it was like climbing Mount Everest.

Fans all over love the competition as it is. In my time at United, we played in four Champions League finals and they were always the most special of nights. I’m not sure Manchester United are involved in this, as I am not part of the decision-making process.” – Sir Alex Ferguson told Reuters.

Gary Neville was of a similar opinion when he lashed out at the Premier League clubs following Manchester United’s win over Burnley. As of now, UEFA has temporarily shut down the Champions League and the Europa League.


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