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Ex-Chelsea boss nominates his favourite for Ballon d’Or

Current Lazio manager Maurizio Sarri has nominated Chelsea star Jorginho for the prestigious Ballan d'Or award.

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Italian midfielder Jorginho had an impressive season at Stamford Bridge.

Former Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri’s thoughts are on Chelsea camp even after he joined the Lazio camp. The Italian head coach recently opened up on his bad decision of quitting Chelsea job. Now, he made another update relating to the Blues.

The Italian midfielder of Chelsea, Jorginho, was one of the favorites of Sarri in West London. He signed for the Blues during the reign of Sarri. The contract of Jorginho runs till 2023. Although, the player got high demand on the transfer market after a stunning season in West London.

There were rumors on Jorginho’s possible exit from Stamford Bridge this summer after Napoli shown an interest in the player. Jorginho’s reunion with Sarri is still on discussion among fans in West London.

Also, the Euro 2020 campaign of the midfielder is adding more credit to him. He is a major weapon in the midfield of Roberto Mancini. He scored the winning penalty against Spain in the semi-finals. That took Mancini’s new Italy side to Wembley for the finals on Sunday.

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho is a key figure for Italy

Numbers will speak for Chelsea midfielder

The arrival of Thomas Tuchel to Chelsea reshaped the status of Jorginho. He was widely used as a double six in Tuchel’s lineup, along with N’Golo Kante. He made 43 appearances for the Blues last season from all competitions.

Jorginho scored 8 goals and assisted for 2. Although, his Euro stats tell the real story. He started all the fixtures of Italy in the competition. The semi-final showdown adds more praise to the player and that is the reason for recent attention.

He covered 36 miles on the ground in the competition. Also, he took part in 29 recoveries with the ball. That makes him the third-best of the tournament behind Spain’s Pedri and Tomáš Souček of the Czech Republic.

Chelsea’s candidate for Ballon d’Or

According to Sarri, If Italy win the Euro 2020, Jorginho should be nominated for the best footballer of the year award, Ballon d’Or. He is now holding the same reputation with the contenders France’s Paul Pogba, Belgium’s former Chelsea man Kevin De Bruyne and France’s Antoine Griezmann.

“If he wins the European Championship, he is a candidate for the Ballon d’Or,” Sarri told SportItalia.

“He’s a refined player, and that’s why everyone doesn’t understand him. He makes everything seem easy, it’s his greatness. When I went to Chelsea, we managed to snatch him from Manchester City”.

Chelsea player Jorginho and Sarri

Jorginho had his best season in Europe, no matter what happens on Sunday at Wembley. He holds the Champions League title and if Italy can beat England, then he had everything to fight for Ballon d’Or.

The summer transfer window is also keen to watch out the progress of Jorginho. Chelsea will be aware of the new reputation of the player. And, Thomas Tuchel will retain the player in the center of his tactics.

Although, Jorginho can hope for the best from the season as mighty Italians face Denmark or England on Sunday for the final encounter of Euro 2020.


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