Everything You Must Know before the World Cup Kicks Off

This is it! This is what everyone has been preparing for, this is what we have been waiting for. The World Cup! The 21st edition of the biggest football tournament will start today.

All the 32 teams are all warmed up, strategies have been made and everyone is ready to fire. One month of grueling competition will crown the World Champion on 15th July. Will it be Germany again? Will it be Brazil’s redemption? Or will Messi’s dream be finally fulfilled?

We don’t know that yet. But we do know a handful of things about the World Cup which will get you all ready for the biggest footballing festival. So without further ado, let’s get started:


There is never a wrong time to start with a little information about the history of the famous tournament. FIFA World Cup started in 1930 and there have been just 8 different winners so far. In its 88-year history, the World Cup has created a number of legends. Names like Pele and Maradona come to our mind when we think of the World Cup legends. But they are not the only players to have shined in this tournament. Here we present you with the list of World Cup legends.

Along with the legends, this tournament has witnessed some unbelievable goals so far. Of course, the crucial goals of Iniesta and Mario Gotze will never be forgotten, but some goals in the history have been a class apart, regardless of their importance. Watch those goals here.

Football is a beautiful game and it is not always about winning, it is also about the memories. And man, hasn’t World Cup created like a hundred of them. And not all of them have to be very good memories. After all, Zidane’s headbutt is still a memory, isn’t it? Check out World Cup’s 5 Best and 5 Worst memories.

Brazil is the most successful team in the World Cup history with 5 titles followed by Germans, who have won the World Cup four times so far. Relive some of Brazil’s and Germany’s best moments in the past 20 editions.

And due to Italy’s failure to qualify for Russia, Argentina is next in the list for most successful countries in World Cup. Can Messi create new memories for the South Americans? We don’t know that yet, but we can always check out their greatest moments so far.

The Spaniards might have won the World Cup only once, but it goes without saying that the 2010 champions have a few fond memories of their own. Check out La Roja’s 5 greatest World Cup moments.

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