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Emerson Palmieri wants to finally part ways from Chelsea


It’s going to be a very confusing end for Chelsea’s season. The Blues are in the competition for Domestic and European glory and will hope to clinch a trophy in Thomas Tuchel’s first season, which ironically may well be his last one in the leagues he is competing with right now.

We are all very confused but right now let’s try to keep that aside and hope that there will be some resolution to this. Everyone is distracted right now but it is important for both clubs and players to keep their heads about themselves.

Chelsea still have a team to rebuild. There are a lot of moving pieces and the club will have to decide which player to keep and which to offload. Emerson though is one who will definitely look to part ways from the Chelsea.

The Brazilian hasn’t seen much game time under the German manager. Many players won their way back but Emerson’s situation is pretty much the same. The player doesn’t seem to be in Thomas Tuchel’s long-term plans and it’s probably the right time to leave.

Emerson to finally part ways with Chelsea

Chelsea have good options at left-back this season. Chilwell has been in good form and Alonso too has done a good job whenever the manager felt his need. Tuchel only turns to Emerson when Chelsea need to cling to a lead.

The player feels he is capable of much more and it’s probably time to look for a new team. Thomas Tuchel has been giving him opportunities which means he is in good shape. Inter Milan and Juventus are taking an interest in him.

Inter Milan seeking Emerson’ services but Juventus are also interested

Inter Milan and Juventus showing interest in Chelsea's Emerson

Emerson played some of his best football with Roma in Serie A. Something didn’t quite click for him at Chelsea. The Premier League can be a tough league sometimes with its pace and physicality and often players find it difficult to adapt.

A combination of injuries and changes in regime probably worsened Emerson’s case which is why the player is now looking to move. At the age of 26, he is still a very good left-back for any good club. Inter Milan and Juventus are willing to broker a deal for him according to reports from Football Italia.

His transfer value stands at £13 million and Chelsea won’t have many problems in accepting a deal. Emerson’s contract with the Blues will end in 2022. Chelsea will ideally want to sell him before that happens. Emerson too will push for a move at the end of the season.

Nothing can be more frustrating for a player than to sit on the sidelines and surely the Brazilian will want a fresh start next season. Inter Milan will be looking to find a replacement for the ageing Ashley Young. Juventus too have had troubles at the left-back position.

Alex Sandro has had injury troubles and there is a need for someone to back him. However, Emerson would surely insist on first-team football or regular football at the very least. Inter Milan would probably be the favorites they immediately need for a good left-back.

Antonio Conte feels Emerson would complement Hakimi and this can be the development of a strong partnership. However, Juventus are a big club and it can be hard to resist when the Old Lady comes calling.


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