Thursday, June 24, 2021

Elder Brother Offers Advice For Younger One To Snub Barcelona

Bayern Munich star Thiago Alcantara has offered some important advice for his younger brother Rafinha Alcantara to keep remaining happy wherever he plays football.

The 25-year-old Rafinha is currently enjoying regular game time on a loan spell with Inter Milan in the Serie A. However the Italian club may not be able to sign him permanently as Barcelona value their midfielder to be in the range of around €35 million which Inter are refusing to match. This will probably force Rafinha to move back to the Camp Nou where he will struggle to feature on a regular basis.

But Rafinha’s elder brother Thiago who went through a similar situation until he moved to the Allianz Arena has offered some family advice and an insight to his younger brother.

Big Brother Knows Best-

Speaking to Mundo Deportivo earlier this week, Thiago told reporters that Rafinha’s performances depend on his mood if he is happy he will play very well. The 27-year-old Spanish midfielder said, “Rafa is a very positive and happy person. A lot of his happiness depends on football. The more he plays the more he is satisfied. Regular game time was what he was looking for. He struggled to recover from his injury but when he did he proved to be a key player for Inter”

Thiago also went on to add that he should reject a move back to Barcelona and focus on playing football where he can be happy and satisfied with his performances, “He must choose the best option for his future. If he is happy somewhere I see no reason to change.”

Author’s Take-

There is a very slim chance that Rafinha would be able to play regular football at Barcelona because the club is looking to bring in a number of star players in order to bolster the squad to win the prestigious Champions League. And I agree with Thiago because Rafinha should look out for himself and play football regularly.


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