Monday, April 12, 2021

Alexandre Pato Tells of Ronaldo – “It’s Either Me Or Kaka”

In a Recent Interview a Shocking Revelation  has been made by Ex Brazilian striker Alexandre Pato on how Ronaldo asked him to choose between him and Kaká the first time that he entered AC Milan’s dressing room.



“One of the first days the I remember was when Ronaldo showed my a Playboy magazine and asked me if I wanted to be in his crew or if I preferred to go with Kaká’s, pointing to a bunch of religious items.”

“That moment was a bit strange. I used to play Ronaldo with my PlayStation and I didn’t expect that, but it was still an important moment.”



Ronaldo had a reputation throughout his career of enjoying the lifestyle of being one of the world’s best strikers while Kaka is a devout Christian.

Pato later became one of Europe’s hottest prospects at Milan but his career has been up-and-down since his San Siro days.

Injury woes and a sharp decline in form saw the forward return to Brazil with Corinthians in 2013, although the South American now finds himself in La Liga with Villarreal.


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