Friday, April 23, 2021

Edu can generate £76.5 million to fund summer transfers for Arsenal


Arsenal might be selling more players in order to fund their required transfers. With the latest updates, the club’s Technical Director, Edu Gaspar will be looking at all possible options that can be used to generate more funds at Arsenal, with 3 main stars viewed to be ousted.

Edu joined Arsenal for £9 million in 2001 and spent 4 years at the club. He was also a part of the Arsenal squad that won the League without losing a match that was termed ‘the invincibles’. Edu played 79 matches and scored 7 goals for the club before leaving.

In 2010, he retired from professional football. A year later, he became the director of football of his first club situated in Brazil, Corinthians. Till 2019 he jumped from one place to another and even assisted the Brazilian national team.

He was the general coordinator of the national side for 3 years, before joining his old club, Arsenal, as a Technical Director in 2019. Despite the club’s disheartening form, he has been trying his best to help landing required targets.

Arsenal have been having a rough patch for a while now. They have been demoted to the Europa League and have forgotten that they once belonged in the top-4 of the Premier League. This season, they were off to a disastrous start and were close to relegation.

With a few stable performances, they were able to make it to the top half. However, their form has been hot and cold. Having thought they have finally shifted their gear, yet again they have fallen prey to dreadful performances. With the 3-0 loss against Liverpool, they remain 10th in the League and 7 points behind to grab at least the Europa League spot.

3 Arsenal players must be sold by Edu to raise funds

Arsenal’s current form will make it more difficult to make signings. If they had managed to grab a European place, they could have got some additional funds. Moreover, it has been reported that if they land anywhere outside the top-6, there are chances for the funds to get frozen.

Their chances look bleak, but they are still alive in the Europa League this season. They will be facing Slavia Prague in the quarter-finals and if they win the competition, they will be back into the Champions League, getting the much-needed funds. However, if they fail, Edu will have to get creative in the transfer market.

In the latest transfer news, Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher suggested that Edu sell Alexandre Lacazette, Willian, and Nicolas Pepe. There is not much certainty if it will happen, however, if it does, Arsenal can gain a lot from it.

Lacazette joined the Gunners for £46.5 million in 2017, which was also the club’s then-record signing. He has been performing well but his recent drop in form has been a concern. Nicolas Pepe became the record signing for the club in 2019 when he arrived for £72 million. But the Liverpool legend doesn’t believe in him.

Having arrived at a high fee, the expectations were high. But the performance has not been up to the mark. Although talented, he has not been able to get his boots running at Arsenal. Willian’s arrival was a huge loss, but coming as a free agent didn’t hurt them much.

Pepe’s removal could generate £34.2 million. Lacazette, if sold this summer, can bring £31.5 million and Willian can add even a little of £10.8 million. It means Edu could raise around £76.5 million which can prove to be vital in their tight transfer budget. 


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