Monday, April 12, 2021

Disappointed manager falls short of words after Brighton defeat

Jose Mourinho’s forehead was clearly lined with marks of disillusionment, dissatisfaction and anger after team’s surrender to the Seagulls on Sunday.

Mourniho was seen highly frustrated with the repeated inability to deliver what was expected of him and what he had boasted of after the humiliating results against Brighton on Sunday. He walked away with an air of defiance and unhappiness after the match giving unexpectedly rude replies to the questions asked by the media. This attitude of his was not restricted to the press but was extended to the dressing room as well. He hardly exchanged words with the players in the dressing room which indicated his level of dissatisfaction with his squad.


This display of attitude is being interpreted as his counting the number of days in the team.Although unhappy with the team’s show, the Portuguese coach has no plans of leaving the team and has vowed to stay until his goals are not accomplished fully. He promises to deliver them at the earliest and not escape from the knots of responsibility which he has been showered upon.

Ed Woodward’s visit to the dressing room although has gathered rumors that it definitely meant something as it was not usual of him to do so, but it was only to cheer up the players and meet the manager. However Jose was busy attending the questions of the media during the visit and Woodward did not wait for his return to the camp. This is assumed to strain the relationship between the two.

Rumors also say Zinedine Zidane replacing the manager before thevend of his tenure but the Manchester hierarchy still poses faith and confidence upon the legend owing to his expertise and glorious past. Everyone is sticking with Mourinho and have their feet firm without any possibilities of abrupt decisions.However, Monday’s encounter with the Tottenham will play a crucial role in determining Jose’s status in the team.

Author’s take

All eyes are now on Mourinho so as to see what measures he takes to silence the rumors brewing all around him and gift the fans with the smile lost from their lips. Woodward has also been assigned to support Mourinho in his endeavors and his role would also be a critical one. We are now eagerly looking forward to the team’s encounter with the Tottenham on Monday which will definitely answer many doubts arising in our minds at the moment.


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