Despite the super league claims, future of European football club remain uncertain.

According to the reports, the future of Liverpool remains far from certain in the world of European football.

Two of European football’s top officials have claimed that plans for a breakaway super league are “fiction” but the future for Liverpool and the rest of the continent’s big clubs remains far from certain with significant changes to their fixture calendar still on the agenda.

German outlet Der Speigel claims to have documents showing controversial plans for leading clubs across Europe to form their own division outside the game’s official jurisdiction by 2021.

In what would be in essence a private members club, top sides like the Reds would be invited to take part but there would be no automatic promotion and relegation with teams from outside the group.

Many football fans feared that such plans were not only based on greed. There was never any suggestion that Anfield chiefs had participated but went against both the traditions of football’s organic pyramid structure and sporting principles.

It also appears there remains an appetite between many of European football’s leading clubs to play more fixtures among themselves which given the already saturated fixture schedule of their teams would seemingly have to be counterbalanced by a reduction in domestic fixtures.

Agnelli, whose own club play in a 20-team Serie A, has questioned the wisdom of domestic top flight campaigns of 38 fixtures  along with the Premier League both Spain’s La Liga and France’s Ligue 1 both have 20 clubs apiece while the League Cup which Liverpool have won a record eight times could also come under threat.

Angelli said: “Evidently if you want to have an overall rebalancing of European football and more international [European] football, all that would have to go hand in hand with a reduction of domestic games. But most importantly it is harmonizing”


There’s a whole system of anomalies that have to be addressed. It might mean in certain leagues increasing the number of games. It’s not just about reducing, it’s about making it a level playing field, which is very important.”

Premier League remains the most lucrative domestic competition in football with international audiences lapping up the competitive nature of many of its matches.

It’s debatable as to whether the team would still get themselves up as enthusiastically for what potentially has the scope to become ‘just another league game

Author’s take: 

Liverpool are facing leading opposition or playing a crucial tie. Also because of the breakaway of the European super league, such significant change isn’t coming for clubs like Liverpool.

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