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De Gea gets back at Bruno Fernandes after his little swipe at keeper

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes is a mischievous one on social media.

Bruno Fernandes has quickly become the fan favorite at Old Trafford. What an impact he has had since making his move to Manchester United. Fernandes can easily be one of the best summer signings United has made over the years.

Since joining the Red Devils, Bruno Fernandes quickly became their top scorer. His presence has an impact on the game and the opposition always pays close attention to him particularly. Such is the reputation that Fernandes has built.

There has been some criticism too for Fernandes. Many times he’s the weak link in the squad giving away possession, but even on bad days, one thing you cannot question is his work rate for United.

The player shows immense character both on and off the pitch for United. But he is also a little on the mischievous side of social media. Bruno Fernandes often cracks jokes on social media in a friendly manner.

Bruno Fernandes poking his United teammates on social media.
Bruno Fernandes poking his United teammates on social media.

The Portuguese commented on Dean Henderson’s post saying it wall all for the photo. He also went and commented on David De Gea’s Spain’s senior team photo but that didn’t age well for the Portuguese midfielder.

Many took it as a sign of something brewing up between the two players, but there is little truth to the fact and these are more of rumors and hearsay. However, David De Gea was quick to get back at his teammate.

David De Gea’s sly dig at Fernandes Twitter post

David De Gea recently uploaded a photo representing the Spanish national team. Bruno Fernandes commented on the photo, “You do goalkeeper and model right?” Although it was in fun spirits De Gea was quick to return the favor.

In a recent Q&A posted by Bruno Fernandes for fans which were actually intended to be an April fool’s joke. But De Gea felt this was the moment to poke the Portuguese international.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer won’t pay much mind to such small things as long as they don’t disturb the team’s chemistry. Both De Gea and Bruno Fernandes will return from a rested International break which will be good news for United.

Bruno Fernandes missed Portugal’s last match because of a yellow card booking while De Gea was on the bench. It is important for United for both of these to do well because they are among the top performers for the club.

David De Gea has been out of the squad due to personal reasons in which time Dean Henderson has solidified his case for first-team football. It will be interesting to see whether Ole will recall David De Gea at the helm of the goal.

United’s exit against Leicester can be a gift in disguise for the club. Now they can set their entire focus on winning the Europa League title. It will be crucial for Ole to lead United to a trophy in his 3rd season with the club.


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