Monday, May 17, 2021

De Bruyne bagged a record transfer deal at Manchester City


Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are preparing to crown the domestic title in weeks with clear domination on the Premier League table. Belgian playmaker Kevin De Bruyne is the trump card of the glory of City in England.

Manchester City’s ultimate target is the Champions League title and De Bruyne got the same sense of purpose in his future. According to reports, City sealed the player for another five years on a huge fee of £83 million.

The 29-year-old is in his finest talent and established himself as the pivot in the midfield of City. The player dealt without an agent in the deal and negotiations which was an unusual point of operation.

Although, the statement is clear from the contract extension as Manchester City can continue their deadly form in the upcoming seasons. Pep and De Bruyne got the same taste in terms of tactics and vision. The player acknowledged this in his press conference after signing the contract extension.

De Bruyne extends his Manchester City stay

The deadly combo of Manchester

“I could not be happier. Since joining City in 2015, I have felt at home. I love the fans, my family are settled here in Manchester and my own game has developed really well. This football club is geared for success. It offers me everything I need to maximize my performance, so signing this contract was a straightforward decision.

“I am playing the best football of my career and I honestly feel there is more to come. Pep and I see football in the same way. Having that relationship with a manager is so important to me because our objectives are totally aligned and we want the same things”, (Mirror)

The midfielders of Manchester City can win the games under the tactics of Pep Guardiola. The Spanish boss is highly reliant on the possession game behind the attacking line. The European dream is on wheels for City and De Bruyne deal is a major step for the mission.

The Catalan interest in De Bruyne:

According to The Times, Belgium had an opportunity to switch his play to FC Barcelona. The Catalans were tracking the player from the past and considered it as a possible mission in the midfield.

It was one of the major interest of them before the pandemic struck the game. Also, they are suffering a financial hit of £1 billion due to the shattered football market and the ambiguous matchday revenue.

The new presidency of the team needs to address so many issues in Catalonia this summer. The transfer window is a major task for him to unload so many big names from the squad. Also, the future of Lionel Messi is also a topic of work for the summer.

The De Bruyne deal is out of hands as the huge deal from City management was shocking news in Catalonia. The pressure from the competitions is another major issue.

They are out of European competition and the La Liga outfit is complex at the top of the table. They are up against the El-Classico action on Sunday. That would be a decider in the title clash in Spain.


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