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“Cristiano Ronaldo Was Not Our Best Player” Real Madrid Star Takes Dig At Former Teammate

Real Madrid right-back Dani Carvajal has stated that former club-mate Cristiano Ronaldo was not the club’s best player despite being their all-time top goalscorer.

Just a week ago, Cristiano Ronaldo stunned the footballing world when he made the switch from Real Madrid to Juventus in a €105 million deal. The 33-year-old scored 450 goals for the Los Blancos which made him the all-time top goalscorer for Real Madrid. Ronaldo joined the La Liga club from Manchester United and left as arguably the best player the Madrid faithful have ever seen. But Ronaldo’s former teammate Dani Carvajal believes that the Portugal captain was not the best player to put on a Madrid jersey.

Carvajal Prefers Raul Ove Ronaldo-

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, the 26 years old Spanish international was asked whom he thought was Real Madrid’s best player ever, to which Carvajal replied that his country hero Raul was the best he ever saw,  “Raul. I identify with him a lot. He is a squad player, a player who won everything based on work and effort. I think it’s not the player that you say. He’s the fastest; he’s the one who has the best control of the ball, the one who better heads-up. But he did everything right. For the goals he has done, for what he has given Real Madrid, for me – he is the flagship player of Real Madrid.”.

Although Carvajal went on to add that he respected Ronaldo he preferred a Spanish legend that left the club back in 2010 and scored 127 goals fewer than the Juventus winger. Raul scored 323 goals for Madrid and became the second most prolific goalscorer in the club’s history after Ronaldo overtook the 41-year-old.

Author’s Take-

I think that Carvajal has chosen Raul purely on the merit that he is from Spain. Agreed that Raul was a leader but so was Ronaldo and Real Madrid would never have achieved the success they did over the past few seasons without Ronaldo.

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