Monday, April 12, 2021

REVEALED: Cost of sacking Emery as Arteta made bold claims about Arsenal team

Arsenal had a Premier League face-off with Burnley yesterday. Mikel Arteta’s side conceded a goal yesterday and ended up with a 1-1 draw in the away match at Turf Moor. It was a horrific afternoon for Granit Xhaka after his individual error cost Arsenal the victory. The disaster at the back gives Burnley the remarkable goal which otherwise could have been an easy victory.

Due to such charitable errors, Arsenal is wandering in the mid-table even after winning a number of games previously. If Arsenal could eradicate these mindless errors then they become a good side that is capable of beating anyone.

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has given the equalizer and Willian as usual assisted a fine goal to Arsenal captain. Thomas Partey marked his return to Arsenal midfield and was quick and excellent throughout the game.

Arteta’s vision for Arsenal

Mikel Arteta claimed that Arsenal are very far from being the team, he wants them to be and creating his dream team. Though Arteta is seen making different approaches, tinkering around with the players, creating strategies, and cultivating the game plans that would benefit his team.

Arteta made bold claims that Arsenal need more goals and more creativity

However, by far Arteta must have learned that even after spending hours on the fields with the players. The whole planning would mean nothing if the players in the team will continue producing inexplicable errors during the clash.

Arteta made bold claims when he was asked how close Arsenal is in his eyes from becoming a finished product. He said the club lies very very far. There is a lot of improvement to make. A lot of quality to add, the requirement of efficiency in decision-making. A quicker response to a situation with advantages and the ability to finish the situation after obtaining the advantages.

The coach said the players need more control over games, more defensive actions in the opponent’s half. The team needs more focus, less giveaway in the club’s own half. The club needs more creativity, more goals in its hands, and it’s a lot to do.

Arteta was asked if he thinks that his side is on the right track to which he added he thinks it is. He says if one could take a look at the previous game played against a team a few months ago and look where the team is now. That is the way one can see the progression.

Smith Rowe injury update

Arsenal has given positive news regarding Emile Smith Rowe’s injury. Though Arsenal could not play Rowe against the Burnley clash. Scans and assessments have shown that the midfielder sustains no significant injury.

A club update reads that Emile was substituted by Martin Odegaard due to discomfort in the hip. The substitution took just before halftime against Leicester City on Sunday. It is not confirmed if the midfielder could play in the Europa League against Olympiacos on Friday.

The sacking cost of Unai Emery

In the financial report of the year, 2019 to 2020 Arsenal revealed that the deal to fire Unai Emery and hiring Mikel Arteta ended up costing them £10.4 million overall. This revealed that the club has gone through an overall loss of £47.8 million from the period June 1st, 2019 to May 21st, 2020.

These losses were not only impacted by the exchange of managers. But the worldwide pandemic doubled the loss. The club account also calculated that they lost £14 million in matchday revenues, £34 million due to the deferral of broadcasting revenues, and a further £6m in other broadcasting and commercial areas.


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