Friday, July 30, 2021

Video: Club cricketer damages his car windscreen with a cracking six

Club cricket matches are basically interesting and exciting at the same time. Batsmen and bowlers tend to express themselves more freely because there wouldn’t be fans in the stadium.

The cricketers have all the freedom to go about their business because there are no expectations. In these kind of moments, there would be a great drama and the entertainment shoots to the whole new level.

This is what basically happens in club cricket. A batsman, bowler or even a fielder gets a turn to become famous with their performances on the field. Recently, a batsman identified as Asif Ali became the talking point on social media.

The right-handed batsman drew plaudits from every nook and corner of the cricket fraternity for playing a remarkable pull shot. However, that’s not the end of the story because what transpired next was totally unexpected.

Video: Club cricketer damages his car windscreen with a cracking six

The batsman might have actually predicted that the ball would travel a long way for a maximum. Asif Ali knew the moment he played a pull shot, it would be nothing but six valuable runs to the scoreboard.

Needless to say, he had no idea how his cracking six would go on to shatter his own car’s windscreen. This is quite a strange incident and the batsman was taken aback after he heard a noise of his car’s windscreen breaking into pieces.

Asif Ali shatters his car’s windscreen and goes down on his knees

The incident took place in a local club cricket match in Yorkshire in England. Illingworth St Mary’s cricket club locked horns with Sowerby St Peters CC. Asif Ali belongs to Illingworth St Mary’s cricket club. This is a Crossley Shield quarter-final match between the two teams.

The right-handed batsman smashed a sensational shot over the fine leg boundary for a huge six. Before he could rejoice the well-time pull-shot for a six, there was something else that happened.

The batsman’s cracking shot travelled far away and did all the damage to his own car. The ball travelled at a sheer pace and ended up shattering the backside of his car’s glass. The video clip went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, the opposition, teammates and even the on-field umpire giggled at the incident except for one person. Soon after such an incident, Asif Ali was seen putting his hand on his head.

Watch the video below:

He realized that there was a noise coming from outside the park. He knew that it was his own car’s windscreen. Just a moment later, he went down on his knees in shock. Twitterati couldn’t stop talking and commenting about the video.

Illingworth St Mary’s Cricket Club uploaded the video on their official Twitter handle. The video became a big hit in no time. As if this wasn’t enough, Asif Ali was left stranded with 43 when his team succumbed to a 7-wicket defeat against Sowerby St Peters in the Halifax Cricket League.


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