Thursday, April 15, 2021

Chelsea training ground clash is not that ‘debatable’ for Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel tasted his first loss in England on Saturday. The seven-goal thriller at Stamford Bridge ended in favor of visitors West Bromwich Albion. The defensive line of Tuchel failed to stand with the pace of the visitors.

The Blues lost the valuable three points at home and that affected their speculation on the table. Chelsea are placed fifth on the table with one point less than fourth-placed West Ham United. The Saturday fixture has affected the team’s mood before the Champions League clash.

They are up against Porto in the Semi-final of UCL on Thursday. Although, the training for the European competition reports a clash between Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger and keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga. But, the words of Tuchel from the pre-match press conference prior to the Porto match explained it in a fine way.

The training ground incident was not that serious for a verdict of punishment from the manager according to the reports. Tuchel has managed the situation with great consciousness in order to keep up the spirit inside the squad.

Tuchel on Chelsea training bust-up

According to Dailymail, Tuchel didn’t connect the incident with the home defeat on Saturday. “It was just an incident at training which heated up with Toni and Kepa. We calmed the situation down, these things are normally unusual but can happen, they are all competitors in all actions and they got heated up.

“How they reacted to it was amazing and showed how much respect they have for me and for each other as they sorted it out immediately, they cleared the air and we spoke about it straight after training and that was it. In a way that showed me their good character,” he continued.

Things to do for Tuchel

Antonio Rudiger and Kepa Arrizabalaga are two important players of Tuchel. Both of them were not used for the match against West Brom. Rudiger and Kepa are not starting games often under the manager and there is a kind of desperation in the players.

Kepa has got a long contract with Chelsea and struggling to get into the starting lineup under the boss. The future of Kepa is on thorns in West London. The summer transfer speculations place Kepa at the exit door from Stamford Bridge.

Eduard Mendy is winning more games under Tuchel and he is in stunning form since his arrival. That leaves Kepa on the bench and Tuchel needs to take a decision on the case of the Spaniard.

Antonio Rudiger is out of contract next year. The 28-year-old German defender is not expecting an extension in his contract. The Blues are more demanding in the defensive department and the veteran Thiago Silva got an advantage under Tuchel.

Meanwhile, the three-men defensive line of Tuchel got more options within the squad. Also, Chelsea are dreaming of big titles under the new mission of the former PSG boss. The Summer transfer window would be crucial for Tuchel’s strategy for the upcoming season.

The Premier League is into its final act and the fight for the top four is furious with multiple claims. Champions League stages are urgent for Chelsea next season. A title this season would be a bonus for Tuchel’s first season in West London.


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