Monday, May 17, 2021

Chelsea star got praise from Tuchel after the Selhurst Park thriller


Chelsea and Tuchel are back in the top four in the Premier League table after a thrashing victory against Crystal Palace on Saturday. The 4-1 thriller was an amazing display from the Blues with clear domination on the field.

Premier League actions are into their final lap and Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea are toughening their statement in the domestic competition. The Saturday fixture against Palace helped the team to regain the momentum on the domestic stage after a 5-2 defeat against West Brom.

Chelsea manager is always pushing the talents in the squad with great admiration and that helps to find the best out of them. The German attacking midfielder Kai Havertz got the credit for the Palace win after the manager came up with much praise.

Kai Havertz was one of the major signings Chelsea did last year. Although, the player was a bit confused with the liking of Tuchel in West London. Also, he struggled in the initial period in terms of playing minutes in Stamford Bridge.

Tuchel on Havertz' performance against Crystal Palace

Despite the disappointment in the Champions League fixture against Porto, Havertz started in the Saturday clash. He made use of the chance and find the breakthrough in the 8th minute after a build-up with Christian Pulisic.

He also assisted the Pulisic goal and take part in the creative chances throughout the game. The German had the best performance since he joined the Blues and that can add some claim to his profile this season.

Fuel from Tuchel for the future:

Thomas Tuchel was not overexcited after the match against Crystal Palace. The German seemed to be very calm and composed with the result and acknowledge the performance of Havertz.

“He has quality, he needs to show his quality. It is as easy as that. Kai will never be our emotional leader, we don’t expect him to be, but we expect to see his quality, to show his quality.

“He needs to be in a high position, he can play the half positions, he can play the number nine position, so this is not so much a difference from me, he commented on Havertz in a post-match talk.

Meanwhile, Tuchel demanded more from the player in the near future. According to him, the £71 million star can offer more to the Blues with his potential and creativity with the ball.

“Honestly he needed to show he could do better, that was the challenge personally for him. He got a second chance to show up after Porto. It is the moment now in the season, with so many decisive matches coming, that you fight for your place.

“And he got another chance to show he can do better than he did in Porto and he did this. There is still room to improve in his finishing, he should have been more ruthless and could have scored more but it was a good step and a good performance,” Chelsea boss continued. (Source)


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