Chelsea star brushes off transfer news while another hinted at an exit.

Chelsea star Jorginho says he will continue at Stamford Bridge. But defender Palmieri is looking into transfer options.

Lampard has been keen to add more stars to his squad. But there have been a lot of headlines with possible exits as well. Lampard has already made it clear that he is keen to make changes to his current squad. The Chelsea boss is likely to cash in on some of his stars to ease the signing of new players.

Chelsea left-back Emerson Palmieri is considering options to shift to Serie A. The Brazilian has not made an appearance in Lampard’s lineup since January. And his playtime after the lockdown is not predictable either. Hence, Palmieri is looking into making a shift to the Italian league.

Chelsea stars are deciding on their futures at Stamford Bridge.
Chelsea stars are deciding on their futures at Stamford Bridge.

Jorginho is likely to make a move to Juventus as per earlier reports. But the star’s agent has snub off any such move. Jorginho has been an integral part of Lampard’s midfield. Frank will be happy to continue benefiting Jorginho’s services.

Palmieri is looking to make a move to Juventus or Inter Milan.

According to Daily Mail, Palmieri has admitted that a move back to Serie A is possible. The Brazil-born star plays for the Italian national team. Palmieri was a member of the Roma squad before his arrival in the PL. But the Azzurri international is facing a rough turn at Chelsea. The wing-back has not been able to secure a spot in Lampard’s squad since January. Hence his statement that he is happy to return to Serie A.

The left-back is said to be in love with the Italian style of football. He is looking to make a move to Inter Milan or Juventus. Palmieri has been under both the clubs’ managers. Maurizio Sarri and Antonio Conte have both had periods at Stamford Bridge. Emerson is under both these coaches and is happy to have a second go under them.

Palmieri, chelsea.

It was Conte who brought the LB to the Premier League back in 2018. Emerson then was part of Sarri’s Chelsea lineup. Both of which the defender has enjoyed a lot.

Lampard may part ways with Emerson if he is keen to make an exit. The Blues boss has already thought about signing a wing-back this summer. It will be a good move for both the club and the player to part ways.

Jorginho will continue at Chelsea.

The Guardian did report that the Chelsea midfielder is likely to make an exit. As per the report, Jorginho was to make a move to Juventus. Where his former coach Sarri is currently managing. But Jorginho’s agent has brushed away any such claims.

Guardians report did mention a swap deal between Chelsea and Juventus. Pjanic was to come to Chelsea for Jorginho to join the Serie A side. But Jorginho is likely to continue at Stamford Bridge as per his agent.

Jorginho is likely to continue at Chelsea for another term.
Jorginho is likely to continue at Chelsea for another term.

It is true that Maurizio Sarri is keen on bringing Jorginho to Juventus. Sarri wants the services of his former midfielder at Chelsea. But there has not been any move from Juventus as of now. Also, Chelsea are happy with Jorginho’s services. He has 7 goals and 2 assists in 37 appearances and is an integral part of Lampard’s lineup.

The DMF is expected to play a major role in Lampard’s plans for Chelsea. But if Juve is to steal away the midfield star, they will have to pay £40m. Chelsea is not willing to agree on anything below this amount for their midfielder.

It seems likely that he will stay through this summer. But he is sure to make a shift in the coming seasons. With young talents like Bille Gilmour in Lampard’s arsenal, he will lose his importance over time. It is up to him to make a move now or in the future.

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