Friday, May 7, 2021

Chelsea playmaker acknowledged the star tacklers at Stamford Bridge


Thomas Tuchel’s midfield line-up is one of the best in the Premier League. Chelsea’s attacking line is safe with the backing of creative supply from the center circle. Croatian midfielder of the Blues, Mateo Kovacic is one of the pivots in Chelsea midfield.

The 26-year-old get noticed in his Real Madrid spell under Zinedine Zidane and established himself as a promising carrier of the ball with great creativity. He joined the West London side in 2019 in search of playing minutes.

He managed to secure a five-year contract in Chelsea and made use of the guest appearances at the beginning of his Premier League. The dribbling skills of the player got huge appreciation from the fans. Also, he became a reliable possession keeper of the ball in the middle.

But for him, there are better tacklers in the squad. He mentioned the playing talents of Chelsea in a podcast show. According to the player, German defender Antonio Rudiger and French midfielder N’Golo Kante are the best with the ball.

Chelsea players Kante and Rudiger best tacklers

“At Chelsea, we have a few strong guys, Rudiger is a quite strong guy, [and] obviously N’Golo Kante, when he comes to you, it’s not quite easy. There are a few players that are great at tackling, but in our team, I think it’s Rudiger and N’Golo,” he continued. (Source)

Match winners at Chelsea:

The German head coach of Chelsea is equipped with the world’s finest talents on the field. The midfielders are the attraction of his squad. The experienced legs of Jorginho and Kante serve the so-called ‘double six’ of Tuchel.

Kovacic and Mason Mount are the future of that game and both of them are established starters under Tuchel. Meanwhile, the squad is overwhelmed with young talents, and ensuring playing minutes for them is a challenge for the manager.

Chelsea keeping a good track record this season and pushing hard for the top-four finish on the table. A silverware can be expected for the Blues by the end of the season as they are fighting multiple competitions.

They are fighting the surprise run of West Ham United for the Champions League spot. The FA Cup semi-final against the leaders Manchester City is another major challenge for Tuchel and boys.

The Champions League action is under control for them as they got a leap ahead of the Portuguese opposition in the first leg of the quarter-finals. Meanwhile, Kovacic is a match-winner for Chelsea around the competitions.

He featured 38 games this season. But the scoring profile of the stat is disappointing this season. He is a controller console in the midfield and not at all concerned about the scoring profile.

He can take forward the game of Tuchel and a good executioner of tactics of the boss. Chelsea are planning a balancing act this summer in order to re-shape the squad for a title race next season.


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