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CHELSEA: How Thomas Tuchel is more modern than Jose Mourinho

Thomas Tuchel is going through a scenario that Jose Mourinho had also faced.

Let’s head back to the 2015-16 season where Leicester had done the impossible. The Foxes went on to win the Premier League title after avoiding relegation in the previous season. Chelsea were the champions in 2014-15 but Mourinho’s team was going through a slump.

The Portuguese had just seen his team lose 2-1 to Leicester City. At that point in time, Chelsea was just one point away from relegation. The situation for pretty rough for the Blues. Mourinho’s criticism of his players did not help the cause at all.

According to reports from the Times, Jose was furious about information being leaked out from the Chelsea camp. He believes there was a mole among the club’s ranks. It was a season of drama for Chelsea which saw their manager being relieved of his duties.

Mourinho did manage to do pretty well with Manchester United and now is at the helm of Tottenham. Even now at Spurs, he has concerns that someone is leaking negative stories about his training sessions.

Cause of concern for Thomas Tuchel as news of a scuffle leaks from the Chelsea camp.
Cause of concern for Thomas Tuchel as news of a scuffle leaks from the Chelsea camp.

Thomas Tuchel is also facing a similar kind of situation with Chelsea. The Blues have suffered probably the most surprising defeat of their season. Apparently, things got tensed in the club’s training session as there was an incident involving Rudiger and Kepa.

But the problem for Tuchel is that this news soon found its way out of the Chelsea camp. It seems like this is a problem of the current times but what’s interesting is how Tuchel’s reaction was different from Mourinho’s. He is not fixating his attention on the matter as there are far more important things on his plate.

The German manager understands there are things you can’t control

CHELSEA: How Thomas Tuchel is more modern than Jose Mourinho
Thomas Tuchel decides not to waste efforts on finding out where the leak is coming from.

Like all other things, football has gone through a transformation. The involvement of technology has brought in improvements but there are also areas worthy of criticism. Social media has become an important part of the structure but teams are also aware of its adverse effects.

If you mount a search party to find the leak it would end up being a waste of your time. Information flow has multiple channels nowadays and it’s just something a manager cannot really control.

This was the Tuchel’s statement as as per, “That it got out…I get used to it in modern times,” Tuchel said. “There are too many channels, too many ways that information can get out. I heard even that some of my debrief from the match got out there, what I told the team after the game and stuff like that.

“Nowadays, things can get out which isn’t what we want. But it’s not such a big deal that I start thinking about who is the leak and who did this. You can get totally lost with that and I don’t want to lose my focus.”

“I know what we talk about here and I won’t lose my trust in the group. So I accept it.” This is probably the better approach to tackle situations like this. It feels as if the manager and the club are on the same side.

As for the incident, Tuchel will have to deal with it sooner rather than later. It is very important for Chelsea to maintain their chemistry if they want to have a strong finish to their season. A top 4 finish is a must for the manager and a trophy would really be an added bonus.


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