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Chelsea director, Granovskaia is ‘bucking trend’ in the transfer market


Bayern Munich’s chairman, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has praised the director of Chelsea, Marina Granovskaia, for the way she has successfully handled the financial situation at the club during the Covid pandemic.

Marina Granovskaia has been dealing with anything at Chelsea that involves money. She has been bestowed with that position at the club for almost a decade now. In fact, she is also termed as the ‘Iron Lady’ and is one of the best directors in the world of football. She is also ranked at the top of the most powerful women in International Sports.

Marina has been working with the Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich for a very long time. In 1997, she joined his oil company as his personal assistant and has risen through every level. When Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003, she was also moved to London along with him.

After gaining trust with her loyalty and work, she was made involved with the club’s transfer deals and other dealings. After becoming the representative of the owner at the club in 2010, she was officially made a member of the board in 2013.

A year later, she was promoted to the Chief Executive post at Chelsea. With that promotion, she was known as the most powerful woman in football. Marina has been dealing with every transfer so far and her experience can be seen in the way Chelsea is recruiting players.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge praises Chelsea director, Marina Granovskaia

After appointing Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea have been enjoying a good set of displays. After having a great start which saw Tuchel become the manager with the best unbeaten start there, their 14-match streak was snapped when they lost 5-2 against West Brom.

However, they have climbed a lot of places and are in contention for the top-4 spot. In the Champions League, they have set one foot in the semi-final after an impressive win over FC Porto. They will be hosting them next week with an away advantage of 2 goals in hand.

While the players and the coach are to receive praises for the form, Marina’s involvement in this is equally crucial. When every club in the world was struck by the financial crisis after the pandemic outbreak, Chelsea spent an astonishing fee of £200 million in the transfer window before the start of the season.

They purchased high-profile players like Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, and Hakim Ziyech who have huge potential to make Chelsea a threatening force. Along with that, they also sacked Frank Lampard, meaning they paid the amount of his remaining term. The signing of Thomas Tuchel also didn’t come cheap.

Their latest Financial Reports as of June 2020 show that they have recorded a profit of £32.5 million. It was also the early stages of the pandemic and the club recorded this after football had been halted for 3 months.

On the contrary, Rummenigge said that his club has been losing £3.5-4.3 million every matchday as the stadium remains empty. He also praised Marina for keeping Chelsea steady financially.

“Chelsea’s numbers, for example, look very positive. Marina has done a very good job. But we won’t see any all-time high records tumble this summer, that’s for sure.” – Rummenigge told The Athletic.


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