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Bruno Fernandez stuns Manchester United with his fitness test results.

Bruno has stun Man United with his impressive fitness record. Though he has been under lockdown, Bruno has seen an increase in his physique.

Just like the world, football was also silent in the past few months due to the pandemic. Clubs were all facing financial problems with no matches and shut door matches. Moreover, the fact that worries most clubs in the fitness of their players.

With all their stars being home and unable to train their fitness was a matter of worry. The players don’t have any means to make an actual play like they used to before. Some stars have been active on social media, posting about their in-home workouts. But they aren’t as effective as daily training sessions with their club mates.

The stars don’t have anyone to compete against or to cheer them on. Moreover, they are home and have been home for so long. Hence their fitness was a huge worry. But Manchester United seem pretty happy with Bruno Fernandez.

Bruno returning to United's training facility.
Bruno returning to United’s training facility. Source: REUTERS.

The Portuguese midfielder is a precious piece for United. Since his arrival, Bruno has been working magic for United. He has once again impressed the Old Trafford side.

Premier League clubs start training sessions on Monday onwards. They have been closely watching their fitness and Bruno has done an impressive job. The Portuguese star has improved stats in his post-lockdown fitness record.

Bruno has been working hard.

United’s new midfield general has been busy throughout the lockdown. Bruno Fernandez is not among the fastest players in the squad. But in the recent fitness report, it seems like he has become quicker.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Bruno is among the clubs fastest. With a top speed of 34.27kmh based on sprints over 5.5 metres. This is an impressive stat considering the fact that he has been home for months.

Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes has made an impressive improvement.
Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes has made an impressive improvement.

Manchester United was keen to keep their players in good shape. The club did assign Charlie Owen, Ed Leng, and Richard Hawkins to keep watch. They did provide the players with personalized diet plans and fitness programs. They also kept close tabs with STATSsports player trackers.

United will be happy that their key man is all set to begin action. It’s not just him but the rest of the squad as well. United can stay chill about their players’ fitness.

Most of the clubs were worrying about the fitness of their players. But STATSsports, the GPS fitness tracker, came in handy. United used the equipment to keep track of their players. Many other Premier League clubs have also used the same tech to observe their stars.

Manchester United are back in training.

The players and staff have returned to Carrington for training after two months. United last trained at Carrington back on March 13.

Premier League clubs unanimously made the decision to resume training. The stars are to follow a strict no-contact session throughout. United stars are finally happy to be back in training after so long. Some of the stars were really happy to see things starting to get back to normal.

The players were given a schedule to arrive at Carrington. They were held for tests for Coronavirus on Sunday. And later on, started to show up for training. By Tuesday, most of the players were back at Carrington.

The Premier League still has 92 fixtures to complete. But there has not been a proper start date yet. But for now, the clubs and the players are happy to be back for training.

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