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Breaking: Pep Guardiola to leave Manchester City; agrees terms with European giants


Manchester City have thrived under the stewardship of the Catalan but it seems like his time in-charge of the Cityzens might be drawing to an end.

The new face of the Old Lady?

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has reportedly agreed to replace Max Allegri as Juventus manager. According to Italian journalist Luigi Guelpa, Guardiola is keen to join the Serie A holders. Guelpa claims his information has come from the same source who last summer broke the news that Cristiano Ronaldo was leaving Real Madrid for Juve.

“I’ve learned that Pep Guardiola already has reached a verbal agreement with Juventus for the next four years. It’s the same person who told me that Ronaldo was going to Juventus.”

Radio CRC
Manchester City
Pep Guardiola, who had unsuccessful stints at Brescia and Roma, would want to show his quality to the Italians as a manager.

Allegri to call an end to his Juventus gig

The news of Pep Guardiola taking over at Juventus broke after Allegri’s mentor claimed that he is set to leave at the end of the season. Giovanni Galeone revealved that the 51 year ole had the option to move to top European sides last summer but stayed to help Juve lift the Champions League. But apparently he is set to leave Turin irrespective of the club’s fortunes in Europe.

“I already told him a few years ago to go to the Premier League. I don’t think he can go anywhere else in Italy. Beyond how his adventure goes in the Champions League, I think his adventure at Juve is over. Last year he could’ve gone to Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United or Real Madrid, but he refused because he wanted to win the Champions League with Juventus,” Galeone said.

Even the manger himself had admitted that he would enjoy working abroad. “My future? Surely an experience abroad would be nice,” Allegri revealed. But now Fabio Paratici, the club’s Sporting Director, has come out to squash rumours regarding Allegri’s departure. Paratici revealed that the Allegri and the club had a meeting but it was nothing to do with his future.

Manchester City

That’s an urban myth. The meeting we had with the coach after Madrid was nothing different to what we have every day and our face-to-face meetings are not necessarily negative. In fact, they are always very positive. I, [vice-president Pavel] Nedved and the president Agnelli are always talking with Allegri about Juventus and football in general. His future does not depend on the Champions League or the Scudetto, but it is dependent on a project. After the Atletico game, he will speak with the president and, together, they will see what route to take.

Sky Italia

Author’s Take

Pep Guardiola leaving would be a huge blow to Manchester City. After remaining the the shadows of the great Manchester United, City had planned meticulously to ascertain dominance in the Premier League. And Guardiola is a vital piece of the puzzle. City had built the club in a way suited to the ex-Barcelona boss and him leaving would massively disrupt the flow. The ongoing allegations and the resulting investigation by UEFA and the Premier League certainly don’t help the cause. On the other hand, Juventus will be counting their lucky stars if they manage to land Guardiola after the disappointment of losing Max Allegri.


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