BREAKING: Cricketer fined for breach of conduct in India-England series

Challenging the on field umpire’s decision proved costly for the strike bowler.

England have already taken an unassailable 3-1 lead in the five match series being played at home. The fifth match hardly holds any significance and is being played at the Oval where the visitors are struggling to maintain their reputation.

James Anderson has been the most impressive of all the fast bowlers in the series so far bagging wickets of crucial players at appropriate times. However he has not yet received the taste of India’s most successful batsman in the series, Virat Kohli. He had been striving hard to bag his wicket and misfortune keeps on shrouding him , as all opportunities created are either missed by his fellow mates or else neglected by the umpire himself.

It all happened in the 29th over of 2nd day’s play. One of the deliveries of Anderson went straight into Virat’s pads without any prior contact with the willow. The bowler gave out a loud and confident appeal to the umpire, Kumar Dharmasena which he firmly nodded. Dismayed at the response, he challenged his decision. Upon review the ball was seen kissing the bails, however it was declared as umpire’s call by the third umpire, Bruce Oxendord. The Sri Lankan umpire stood firm on his decision thereby upsetting the pacer who in turn expressed his disappointment in a rash way. He snatched his cap and jumper from him and aggressively talked about the decision with him.

This act invited trouble to the victim as he seemed to breach the code of conduct of the game.

On field umpires Kumar Dharmasena, Joe Wilson, third umpire Bruce Oxendord and fourth umpire Tim Robinson didn’t hesitate to level charges against him which included fining him 15 percent of his match fee for violating level 1 of ICC code of conduct. Anderson had breached Article 2.1.5 of ICC code of conduct for players and player support personnel which comprises showing dissatisfaction to the umpires decision during an international match.

He also has been gifted with one demerit point to his disciplinary record which was the first ever since the introduction of revised code in September 2016.

Anderson accepted his mistakes and the punishments there itself which closed all the gates for formal hearing, thereby warding off unnecessary trouble.

Author’s take

The players need to keep their calm in the field during the course of a match. Getting heated up owing to failures in scoring runs or bagging wickets won’t serve the purpose rather invite trouble for your existence in the team and associated punishments in the form of fines and other such charges. So it’s better to keep performing with spirits of sportsmanship and one is bound to see the required results hassle free.

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