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T20 WC: See Brad Hogg four semifinalists for T20 World Cup as Australia isn’t in the list

Former Australian player Brad Hogg revealed his prediction about the T20 World Cup semifinalist.

Brad Hogg revealed the semifinalists of the men’s T20 World Cup which is scheduled from 17 October 2020 to 14 November 2020. The host country for the World Cup was selected as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. As other countries didn’t allow the sports to feature due to increasing cases of Covid19.

Right from now, there is a huge period remained for the start of the T20 world cup but people started chanting about it. Defending champions West Indies might be the favourite of many fans and also of former Aussies spinner. Therefore it reminds one of the teams of Brad Hogg’s list of semifinalists.

Moreover, West Indies is the only team to repeat the T20 world championship victory twice. None of the other countries won the T20 World Cup twice to date. Another name is included in India as they won this title under MS Dhoni in 2007. Since then, they are in search of this title.

He included New Zealand who did not even reach to runner-up position of the T20 World Cups that took place earlier. The last team he mentioned it as England, they have won one T20 World Cup title in 2010 against Australia.

Source: Twitter

Brad Hogg explained why he chose these four teams as semifinalists.

He disclosed the names of the four teams through his Twitter handle. However, he responds to the query asked by the fan in which he also chooses the four names. Though he did it quickly but his analysis might tweaks him during announcing the four semifinalists of such a huge tournament.

He also explained that these four teams have enormous batting depth. Therefore, their batting depth will lead them to become a part of the T20 world cup semifinals. Though Aussies have a good batting line up he chose other teams and omitted the home side. Read on behind it not yet disclosed.

Here is Brad Hogg’s response to fan:

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