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Big News: Mikel Arteta might be facing a revolt at Arsenal FC


In football, we have often seen managers take responsibility for their team’s defeat. Though it may not completely true but some part of a defeat can be blamed on a manager. According to The Sun, Mikel Arteta is facing a revolt at Arsenal.

Currently, the Gunners are far away from where they want to be. Arsenal sits 11th in the table with 42 points. There is also fear that they might not even be able to qualify for the Europa League. The players are said to be angry with Arteta as he has blamed them for the poor season.

The senior players in the dressing have voiced their dissent as well. These senior players are now questioning Arteta’s tactics for leaving out big players in big games. Even his treatment of former club captain Mesut Ozil was something that was talked about a lot.

There was a time when the Gunners were actually considered to be relegation candidates this season. Not only this Arsenal was struggling to score goals this season. Though under Arteta they have won two trophies but since then results have been poor.

Mikel Arteta might be facing a revolt at Arsenal FC

Mikel Arteta’s treatment of Arsenal players

Recently Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang did not start against Slavia Prague in the Champions League. It is likely that he was on the bench because he did not perform well against Liverpool in the Premier League.

However, it was the Gabon international who came on to provide the assist for Nicolas Pepe’s goal. Not only this, Arteta took 78 minutes to send on both Aubameyang and Pepe. Both the substitutes combined well to score Arsenal’s first goal. Due to this, some of the players have now started to question Mikel Arteta’s tactics.

There have also been discussions about how his inability to get the best out of Thomas Partey. There were huge expectations from the former Atletico Madrid midfielder. It is believed that due to Arteta’s tactics, Arsenal are yet to see the best of Partey. Although injuries have also derailed his progress at the club.

It should also be considered that his Mikel Arteta’s first job as a manager. During his short stint as a manager, he has taken some bold decisions as well. Young players like Saka and Emile Smith Rowe have been given chances in the first team. While he also convinced Aubameyang to sign a contract extension.

Blame game at Emirates

Though the senior Arsenal players realize that they haven’t played well this season but they can’t be solely blamed for the current situation. They believe that Mikel Arteta should also take some responsibility for the Gunners’ current position.

The Spaniard has previously stressed that it is a minimum for his team to qualify for European football. There was a time when Arsenal fans celebrated finishing in the top four. However, they have been on a constant decline and now even Europa League seems to be out of reach.

It can be seen that Mikel Arteta’s idea of football is not very clear to these players. Initially, he relied upon park the bus tactics and counter-attacking football against big teams. Against the average teams, the Gunners would often struggle. Under him, the North Londoners were expected to play more attacking football.

This was partly because he was Pep Guardiola’s assistant at Manchester City for three years. So far we are yet to see more attacking football from Arsenal under Arteta. Somewhere it looks like he wants to bring that football but then he decides not to because he needs a victory.


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