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BCCI assured safe return to foreign players ahead of pandemic


Indian Premier League finished almost a quarter of its 14th season but overseas players are afraid of the covid situation in India.

Indian Premier League (IPL) commenced off in the second week of April with all the match venues in India itself. However, due to the pandemic situation in India BCCI hosted the 13th IPL season in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Whereas, this year the Indian cricket board decided to host the IPL in India itself under the government rules. In this, they implanted the concept of a bio-secure bubble along with all the strict rules and regulations regarding coronavirus.

Though it was 1st wave in India during the last season then also took the IPL outside of the country. In recent condition, India is the worst affected by the second wave of the coronavirus. As a result, the country records more than three lakh covid positive cases per day.

These horrible stats tells that how critical the situation is right now in India. Along with increasing cases death rate also showed an increment and it becoming a fear for overseas players.

Source: Cric Shadow

Most of the foreign players are afraid of the coronavirus situation in India. As they are thinking that if lockdown happens and the government stops all the transportation system then it will become a headache for them while returning home after finishing the IPL.

In case all the airlines get stopped due to lockdown in India then foreigners will get stuck into India for a long time. Also, it will affect their further schedule so most of them are thinking to return home before India get locked.

Three overseas players flew back to their homes

Ahead of this condition three players from outside of India flew back to their respective home countries. Duo featured for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) i.e Kane Richardson & Zampa left India too early.

After then, pacer Andrew Tye also joined them and went back to Australia due to increasing covid cases. He was in the Rajasthan Royals (RR) team and it made a huge hole in their pacers strength. Everyone raised the personal reasons in front of franchises and went back to Australia.

Source: Twitter

Besides this, there was the expectations from the BCCI to come forward for stopping such issues. Also, they did it by sending an official letter to every player. Hence, it helps other franchises to have the security of having players for the whole IPL season.

BCCI took the responsibility of returning foreign players safely to their country.

The COO of BCCI, Hemang Amin discussed about such type of problems might take place but it’s all his responsibility to send players safely and smoothly to their particular country after the IPL.

He announced, “We understand that many of you are apprehensive about how you will get back home once the tournament concludes, which is natural and understandable. We want to apprise you that you have nothing to worry about. The BCCI will do everything to ensure that you reach your respective destinations seamlessly. 

“The BCCI is monitoring the situation very closely and is working with the government authorities to make arrangements to get you home once the tournament concludes. Be rest assured that the tournament is not over for BCCI till each one of you has reached your home, safe and sound,” BCCI COO concluded.


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