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Bayern’s chief praised Guardiola for trying a bizarre move during his time in the Bundesliga.

Pep Guardiola football coach

Guardiola identified Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to be influential in the midfield, as per Karl Heinz Rummenigge

Man City head coach Pep Guardiola, ruled for over three years at the Allianz Arena between 2013 and 2016. He won three Bundesliga titles during his time at Bayern, for instance. Neuer was an eminent part of those successes and reports claim Guardiola felt, he could fit elsewhere.

He successfully completed his authority for over three years at Bundesliga giants. The Spaniard managed the Bundesliga giants, winning a total of seven trophies. This puts their win percentage at 75.2%.

Neuer, 33, built up his reputation as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, credit goes to his brilliant performances for Bayern. The 33-year-old has a tendency to come out of his comfort zone and Bayern’s chairman Rummenigge said that Guardiola wanted to play him as a midfielder.

Rummenigge stated in Bayern’s official magazine:

“Manuel invented the art of being a footballer as a goalkeeper and revolutionised this position. I still remember how Pep Guardiola, after winning a championship, uniquely came up with the idea of putting him in midfield for a game.”

Adding to it, he said:

“We found it difficult to dissuade Pep from this idea, which some of us felt might be interpreted as arrogance. Furthermore, I am convinced that Manu would have done well in midfield, too.”

There were also moments when Neuer played further up the field. However, it didn’t work out for him during the 2018 World Cup when Germany played against South Korea and it saw the latter scoring a goal and knock Down Mannschaft out of the tournament.

It would have been a delight to watch Neuer playing as a midfielder under Pep Guardiola. Also, this was never the first time a goalie was being played in a different position.

Why Guardiola considered playing Neuer in the outfield?

Neuer in his youth days signed up for Schalke as a striker. He ended up being Guardiola’s first-choice goalkeeper at Bayern. The German goalie is known for his ball-playing ability, composure in possession and distribution. He possesses an average of 25.6 successful passes per 90 minutes in the Champions League.

Neuer is entitled with Football’s archetypal ‘sweeper-keeper’, who dares to play outside his box.

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