Barcelona want to sell midfielder to get €10m but star is unwilling to leave

Rakitic doesn’t want to leave Barcelona till his contract gets expired for next season but Barca is willing to sell him for €10m.

Barcelona focusing more on the Champions League matches after finishing the La Liga matches. Nowadays, many rumors about the transfer of Barcelona are taking place.

Recently, Mundo Deportivo stated that Barcelona wants to sell Ivan Rakitic after ending the Champions League season. But the player not willing to leave Barca this season.

Furthermore, reports also stated that Catalans more likely wanted to sell him. In contravention of the manager’s decision if he is willing to keep him or not.

However, Ivan Rakitic had left only one year of contract with Barcelona. Due to which Barcelona wanted to get raise cash books by selling him before ending his contract for £10m.

Rakitic doesn’t want to leave the club, set different retirement plans

Rakitic doesn't want to leave the club, set different retirement plans
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Ivan Rakitic doesn’t want to leave the club as he had different retirement plans with him. But reports started that Barcelona finding ways to raise their funds by selling players in this transfer window.

Moreover, Ivan Rakitic willing to stay with Catalans until his contract gets over in the next season. After finishing his contract he decided to leave the Barca and move to his former club for a free transfer.

On the other hand, Sevilla will sign him after next season for a free transfer. Or else they will try to sign him in this season if the player decreases his wages.

Whereas, Sevilla will be happier to sign him as it will help to brace up their midfield in the appropriate manner for the next season. Hence it will depend on the player & club’s decision.

Rakitic in the present days more focusing on Champions League game against Napoli. As in the first leg, they had drawn the match by 1-1. Therefore Barcelona holds the one away goal that will help them to keep lead on Napoli.

For the next match, Rakitic might start the game along with Sergio Busquets. However, he had made 41 arrivals for the Catalans in this season including all the leagues.

But he had started the game for 21 matches only. Henceforth it seems that Rakitic wasn’t regular in starting line up. Overall, playing for almost 6 years for Camp Nou side now it comes ahead of that Barcelona wanted to sell.

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