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Monday, October 18, 2021

Barcelona president Laporta says European Super League plans are still alive

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has stated that the plans for the European Super League are still on. He is confident over their plans.

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Barcelona are in a hugely distressing situation right now both within the field and outside the field. The club is going through a difficult period because of the massive financial problems. Even their proposed European Super League plans have taken a turn for the worse.

On top of that, the Catalan giants also lost their star player Lionel Messi during the summer. The Argentina international contract had run down in June. However, the talks were progressing well between the two parties.

But the financial problems suddenly changed the whole situation and scenario. In a major turn of events, it was announced that Barcelona will not be able to afford the player’s wages. Messi was then told that the club will not be renewing his contract.

This led to the arrival of Paris St-Germain in the whole picture. Within a few days, Lionel Messi had signed a historic contract with PSG. With Lionel Messi being a PSG player now, Barcelona are without their primary star for the first time in two decades.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta states that European Super League is still on course

The desperate Catalan giants are under a huge financial strain. It is because the debt level at the club has risen to unprecedented levels. According to a report from National News, Barcelona’s debts have risen to a whopping €1.35 billion.

As a result of the financial strain, the LaLiga giants are still pursuing the plan for the controversial European Super League. Barcelona president Joan Laporta has publicly stated the club’s willingness for the controversial league.

In an interview with Esport 3, Joan Laporta said “The project is alive. The three clubs who are defending the project are winning all the court cases. Uefa cannot stop it, and the pressure on English clubs, who were those behind the plans, hasn’t had any effect. Granted, it could have been presented in a better way.”

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are the three clubs that are voicing their support openly for the European Super League. There could be more clubs supporting this proposal from behind the scenes as well.

But it is going to be very tough for the three clubs to move ahead with the proposal. Barcelona president Joan Laporta might be very confident in his tone and words but the reality is that there is still a hill to climb for even garnering support from other clubs.

ESL clubs succumbed to pressure from fans and pundits

Various top European clubs had joined the European Super League proposal back in April. But eventually, as the picture became more clearer to the footballing world, more pressure began on the clubs. Fans, experts and the other stakeholders in the footballing world had come out openly against the very idea of such a breakaway league.

And as a result of the increasing pressure, the first to fall were the English clubs. Manchester City and Chelsea had backed down first and then the whole lot started to follow. Eventually, the whole idea had to be dropped.

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However, the trio of Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are now looking ready to revive the whole project. It will be interesting to see how these clubs move ahead with so much pressure on them.


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