Thursday, June 24, 2021

Barcelona legend opens up on massive argument with Neymar over forward’s on-field attitude

Former Barcelona player Dani Alves recently revealed that Neymar had the “sensibility of a child” and suggested the forward must change his ways if he wished to be respected in the football world.

Dani Alves and Neymar have always shared a great rapport with each other and have enjoyed each other’s company at Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain as well as with the Brazilian National team. The experienced full back, who replaced Neymar as Brazil captain after the latter was stripped off from captaincy, however has questioned his compatriot’s behavior and suggested the forward must change his ways if he wished to earn the respect of his teammates and fans.

“At times, in order not to generate a certain type of sensibility, he retracts,” Alves said, speaking to Brazil’s SporTV Grance Circulom. “Neymar is a very sensitive person. Neymar is very affected by many things, and at times many of those are unjust. Neymar has the sensibility of a child. But Ney is not a child, no. He is a man. People have to start learning to respect Neymar. The Ney of the Brazilian team people don’t respect. People only respect you when you position yourself,” he added.

“Ney has already won in football so he can talk and say what he wants. There are a lot that keep talking, commentating and haven’t won anything. That is why I value that he [would] position himself, because when they say something that is not right about you whether it’s [Walter] Casagrande or someone else, you have to stand up for yourself,” he went on to say.

Former Brazil international Casagrande labelled Neymar as “spoiled” following PSG’s 3-1 loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League last year. Neymar was heavily criticised during the 2018 World Cup in Russia for his on-field theatrics. The Brazilian superstar scored two goals in the tournament but criticised by the media, and also from players and fans, for going to the ground easily. The 27 year old had however admitted later that he had exaggerated his reactions at times after being fouled.

“I always give Ney advice. One of the things that I did speak with him about is that he should have positioned himself after the [2018] World Cup. I told him he should have taken a stance because Ney is the flagship of the Brazil team. He continues to be our flagship. Today he is the most important Brazilian football player and Neymar is among the top in world football,” Alves mentioned.

Alves even went on to state that he would encourage his former Barcelona teammate to be more vocal and lead by example. “He needs to take a stance because he is in a place where he has to position himself and people have to understand who Ney is, how he thinks, and they have to start to learn and respect Neymar. I believe and say that he has a responsibility with many people and he has to position himself,” he said.

“He knows what i think. I speak openly because he already knows that I’ve spoken about this many times. Ney has the responsibility ever since he became a reference to children, to other athletes. When you start having that responsibility, you cannot disappoint them. It’s then when you have to take a stance. I always appreciate that,” Alves concluded.


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