Barcelona Invites Thailand Cave Victims To The Camp Nou

Eighteen days after entering the cave as a part of the team bonding session, the remaining lost boys and their coach were finally rescued out on Tuesday following a daring operation.

On Saturday 23 June, twelve players of the Wild Boar soccer team, aged between 11-16 entered an unidentified cave in Thailand’s Chiang Rai Province along with their senior coach which happens to be a 25-year old man after a training session as part of the team bonding session. According to reports, the cave is 10km deep and is very famous for its narrow passages.

If reports are to be believed then this wasn’t the first time Wild Boar’s soccer team was entering that cave, but this time it was heavy rains which made their exit from that cave difficult. After the team failed to return home, a complaint was registered and the search operation began. Finally, after a week of searching, the local police got a clue on 30th of June when they spotted the team’s bicycles, football boots and other belongings close to the cave’s entrance.

Finally, after three days, a team was formed consisting of diving experts from various countries along with the Royal Thai Navy. On 2nd of July, the entire nation went emotional after divers have found all of the boys and their coach safe nine days after they went missing. And after a daring rescue operation which went for about 8 days, the players and their coach were rescued.


Barcelona has now invited all the 12 boys rescued from the flooded caves in Thailand to the club’s academy international tournament and to matches at the Camp Nou. Wild Boar Soccer Team has now been overloaded with invites from all around the world after their tragedy went viral. The team is also invited by FIFA to attend the finals of the World Cup on Sunday which they are unlikely to attend owing to their health which has deteriorated after being trapped in the caves.

Author’s Take:

It’s a great initiative by Barcelona to invite them to the Camp Nou. This initiative clearly explains the meaning of their motto which is ‘Mes Qué Un Club’ which translates to ‘More Than A Club‘.

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