Thursday, June 24, 2021

Barcelona In Grave Danger Due To A Warning From Javier Tebas

La Liga president Tebas confirms Barcelona could face strict action

Barcelona’s decision to continue backing the European Super League will incite severe action, says La Liga president Javier Tebas. Alongside Barcelona, the remaining two clubs refusing to back out, Real Madrid and Juventus are on the hit-list as well.

The European Super League drama began last year when the participating clubs proposed a new format of international competition. The structure guaranteed that the 15 founding members, the so-called elite clubs of Europe would have their participation guaranteed.

However, FIFA and UEFA reacted quickly to shut it down. Lifetime bans from all FIFA and UEFA tournaments for players participating in the ESL followed the declaration. And it looked as if the idea was abandoned.

However, months later, on 18th April, the founding clubs made an official statement of the creation of the ESL. Barcelona, surprisingly, were there as well, as ex-president Josep Bartomeu had confirmed the club’s participation one day before his resignation.

Barcelona In Grave Danger Due To A Warning From Javier Tebas

3 out of the 15 slots remained vacant, however. Some big clubs who were invited decided to refrain from the abomination, including Bayern Munich. But the Super League wasn’t to stay.

Almost as soon as the news broke out, hordes of fans in England took to protesting against the ESL. After continuous protests, the boards of various clubs gave in to the pressure. Manchester City and Chelsea became the first ones to pull out in just over 24 hours of their participation.

The other EPL clubs soon followed suit, after which the rest of the clubs decided to abandon it as well. By the 21st of April, the ESL seemed like a thing of the past. However, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus decided to remain. And so far, they have released aggressive statements confirming that they will not give in to UEFA or FIFA’s pressure.

Tebas warns Barcelona and Real Madrid of strict measures

It is this impertinence that now indicates that the football governing bodies will take even stricter actions against these clubs. As of now, reports suggest that the UEFA might even ban them from participating in the Champions League.

On top of that, the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas has now confirmed the same. In an interview with El Golazo de Gol, Tebas said, “more than just sanctioning them, UEFA might not register Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Champions League at all. I think they might be left out.”

He continued saying, “there is a fear of non-registration on the domestic level as well. They should be scared.” But the Super League clubs are not quite intent on budging from their ground.

They have made it clear time and again that they will stand firm in their decision. Last week, an official Super League statement confirmed that no club has yet left the ESL. Doing so would require the clubs to pay a penalty of 300 million Euros which they still have not.

As for Barca, President Laporta seems to have played his cards quite well. After his reappointment as the club chief, he ensured that the ‘socios’ of Barca had a say in the matter. He signed the final documents on one condition – if the members voted against Barcelona’s participation in the ESL, they would be free to pull out without paying the penalty fee of 300 million Euros. And as of now, that seems to be Barca’s safety valve.


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