Barcelona Fan’s Savage Reply To Arsenal Fan trolling Messi

A fan tried to demean and underestimate Lionel Messi on social to which the Barcelona fans reacted aggressively and befitted a response.

Barcelona is not a having est of their seasons. They led the La Liga returning from the break. Their lackluster performances led them to lose the league title to their bitter rivals. Real Madrid capitalized on Barca’s draw against Atletico Madrid and Celta Vigo.

The only hope that remains with the Barcelona fans is the Champions League. Lionel Messi was vocal about his team’s dismal play. The Blaugrana talisman wanted more from his teammates.

His criticism was out of utter despair. He reminded if Barcelona continues this form, they will bow out of the Champions League as well.

Barcelona Fan's Savage Reply To Arsenal Fan trolling Messi

The Catalan outfit has some passionate fans. They abide by the club’s motto, ‘Mes Que Un Club’. The fans consider Barca more than just a club. Camp Nou is a home to them. This justifies why Barcelona reserve about 98,000 out of 99,354 seats for their fans. The away fans ratio is always meager.

The Blaugrana followers are very committed to the club. They root for every major trophy in a season. With one of the world’s finest players in their squad as their captain, the campaign to win it all. Barcelona has grown as a team over a decade. The club has seen the highs and lows.

The Catalunya outfit’s fans know how to root for their club. They defend them over their preference. Any troll coming up against Barca gets the bashing. It happens even on social media platforms.

Arsenal troll tastes his own medicine

There are trolls spread over the internet. Trolling is common these days. However, it is a blunder to hit a comment against Barcelona. Any fan could come up and give a proper bashing.

One such incident took place recently. On twitter, @afcjoshh made a similar mistake to take on the Barca captain. The Arsenal fan quote the following:

Leo has an exquisite record against English clubs in the UCL. One of the fans @TheBarca_Guy responded with the little magician owning Arsenal. Messi is a showstopper with his skills and goal scoring feat. He has scored against every big 6 clubs in England.

The Argentine has 24 goals against the UCL playing English clubs. He has won the Pichichi award this season. Leo netted 30 goals in La Liga. He also assisted 20 times for the club.

Leo has single-handedly dominated the league leaderboards. He is the reason Barcelona are still in the UCL race. Fans are hopeful to bring the Champions League trophy back to Camp Nou.

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