Sunday, May 16, 2021

Barcelona expert claims that players at Camp Nou use illegal drugs to recover faster


A Barcelona affiliated journalist and La Liga expert has made incredible claims about the club, saying that the players use illegal drugs to recover faster, amid allegations of a doping scandal.

Football is changing, it is no longer the beautiful game that was once untouched by controversies and doping scandals. Now, however, there are leaks and rumours about bribes and FFP regulations undone by the very men who created those regulations in the first place. Times are changing and it’s not certain at least at the moment if it’s for better or worse.

However, like PSG and Manchester City before them, Barcelona and it’s superstars have now been accused of using illegal substances to improve performances and recover faster. An old audio file has been recovered in which sports journalist Graham Hunter has openly admitted that players at the Camp Nou use an illegal substance called HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

This is used to accelerate recovery from basically any injuries and even can be used between games to recover from fatigue and tiredness much faster. The claims made by Hunter just over six years ago have resurfaced recently with the release of documents that involve the UEFA helping PSG and Manchester City to cheat FFP rules.

That combined with a tweet from the source, that reveals that more will be released soon and that it includes a leak about a multiple Champions League player in a doping scandal. However, the report further adds that the use of HGH is banned over most sports both amateur and professionals, with Twitter users went on to further question former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola.

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi to has been said to HGH in the past, but it was later revealed that the talismanic number 10 was an exception to the rule, via the Therapeutic Use Exemption.

Author’s take:

This is absolutely stunning news and could possibly break Barcelona in the near future, but more so it could completely change the future of football. Whether it’s for good or bad, that’s something we will find out soon enough. But one thing is for sure, football leaks will change the way the footballing government works in the near future.


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