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Barcelona and Real Madrid were set to receive 60 Million additional


Barcelona and Real Madrid were set to earn extra from the controversial ESL

The highly controversial European Super League continues to build on its legacy. And now, after a major leak of paperwork, it has incited fresh criticism for all quarters. Real Madrid and Barcelona were the two primary clubs that had played the biggest role in the inauguration of ESL.

After football fans around the world organized massive protests, most of the clubs were forced to retreat. And within 48 hours, 10 out of the 12 founding clubs had pulled out of the breakaway tournament.

Only two remained. Despite several warnings from FIFA and UEFA, still continue to stay dedicated to the idea. The clubs? Real Madrid and Barcelona, who, ironically, happen to be arch-rivals.

Real’s president Florentino Perez is the chairman of the proposed Super League. It is no surprise that they have opted to support the idea. However, Barcelona’s stance on the project continues to puzzle players and fans alike. Not anymore though, as these recent leaks of contracts have finally shed some light on why they chose to stay back.

Barcelona and Real Madrid were set to receive 60 Million additional

Leaked contracts from the breakaway Super League show that Barca and Real were set to earn extra 60 million Euros. And they would earn it simply by participating in the competition.

A competition based on Corruption, Greed and Money. The interests of the game being considered secondary.

The leaked paperwork was published by the German outlet, Der Spiegel. It shows the likes of Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and PSG receiving invitations to join the Super League. They however refused to sign up for a league that had absolutely no fairness in it whatsoever.

As one would expect, the league was the brainchild of Perez and ex Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. Its sole purpose was to feed the pockets of the officials off so-called big clubs, whilst killing off smaller ones.

The clubs were promised a joining bonus of 300 million Euros. Also, an additional amount based on where they finished. The winners would receive a cash prize of 500 million Euros. However, the recent contracts reveal that out of the founding clubs, Barca and Real Madrid were set to earn more.

The contracts put their earnings at over 360 million Euros for participating in the Super League. At least 60 million Euros more than their fellow rebel clubs. No wonder the other clubs pulled out!

Banking Firm JP Morgan also decided to retreat

With the clubs backing out, the chief investor of the ESL, banking firm JP Morgan decided to retreat as well. The firm were all set to invest a mammoth 3.5 billion Euros in the league.

As official statement of J.P Morgan read, “We clearly misjudged how this deal would be viewed by the wider football community and how it might impact them in the future. We will learn from this.”

However, the delusional Florentino Perez was adamant about his league. Speaking on Wednesday, Perez said, “the Super League project is on stand-by. I can confirm. Juventus and AC Milan have not left the Super League (both clubs have issued official statements doing exactly that). Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and AC Milan are still in talks to find solutions. If this project didn’t work, another one will. Remember, all the clubs have a binding contract.”

Perez’s words however seem to have no effect on the footballing community. The ESL faced vehement opposition from the very beginning due to its unfair nature. And after its atrocious contracts and terms were released today, certainly no one is buying that bluff from Florentino.


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